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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sweat-proof Makeup for Mummies

I hear fellow mummies crying out loud on how they can look nicely made up when their makeup starts to melt as soon as they step their toes out of the door - either through struggling to separate their toddler with his entourage of toys, putting on his shoes or lugging the baby's luggage (with diaper, diaper cream, wet tissue, dry tissue, milk powder, milk bottle, a snack, water bottle, a toy and the list is not finished). Gone are the days we have an hour to prep ourselves to go out. More often than not, we spend an hour on our kids and only five minutes to ourselves - enough for a quick shower & basic grooming.

Typical conversations (before we set out) go:
Mummy: For goodness sake, take your son so I can get a quick shower
Daddy: Ok
Mummy: Do I look ok without makeup?
Daddy (not taking a second glance):  Yeah
Mummy: Let's not go to crowded places or town
Daddy (wondering what's wrong): Um ok
Mummy (pleading desperately): I don't wanna risk bumping into people I know without makeup!

This is not made any better with our extremely predictable weather in Singapore all year round - extremely hot, and humid! For those of us mummies who are not blessed with naturally sexy gorgeous skin, going sans makeup is not a choice unless you don't give a hoot to maintaining  appearances. For every other mummy,  with or without makeup, they end up looking slick (oil slick I mean!) or sick.

So with 3 minutes to get yourself ready to face the world, here are tips for a quick & long lasting makeup:

1) Moisturized Skin
Moisturize daily & drink lots of water. As simple as it sounds, I am really bad at this especially when I crash as soon as Aiden gets to bed near midnight & being really busy all day I drink too little water for my own good. With a well moisturized skin, your makeup will be more easily absorbed and last longer. If skin is too dry, makeup tends to crease at the lines (eye lids, forehead, laugh lines) and flake off. For oily skin, needless to say, makeup melts and cream based cheek colors fall to lip level (horror)!
Tip: I use a clay mask at night during blemish prone periods & a hydrating mask when skin feels dry to get supple looking skin.
Cheat: I use Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15 at night before my moisturizer for radiance the next morning. It helps to give my tired skin the boost it needs every once in awhile.

2) A Flawless Canvas - Base Makeup

An oil free makeup base is extremely essential to absorb excess sebum and create a smooth canvas for subsequent products. For those of you blessed with good skin, you can even go without foundation and just dab on concealer where necessary. I love RMK Creamy Polished Makeup Base and applying this before my foundation helps lessen the amount of foundation needed.
Tip: Visit the beauty stores for a consultation and always try the products on your face before deciding on texture & shade. Always decide in natural light and not in a dim environment or warm lighting as the shade may look really wrong.
Cheat: Remember less is more, always apply a little each time and layer on as required.
Apply lighter shade concealer on your nose bridge, under eyebrows 

3) Cheek & Eye Makeup
Cream based formulas are a no no for combination to oily skin types or risk major smudging.
Tip: Select a powder based blusher with light reflecting pigments that help achieve a radiant glow at the same time. Multi-functional products are always helpful when we are time-pressed!
Cheat: Fake lashes always enhance your eyes even when you've not slept well. I draw a quick black liner and stick on the lashes - tadah! Eye opening immediately.

4) Lip balm/stick/gloss
An absolute no no unless you want to stain your baby's clothes or have his cheeks & lips all covered in lip products and colors. I kiss Aiden a lot on his cheeks so I refrain from wearing lip products when I'm out with him.
Tip: To keep lips well moisturized, use a light formula, colorless lip balm - probably Vaseline. I skip this altogether.

5) If all else fails, fret not.
Tip: Put on a wide smile and confidence
Cheat: Pinch your cheeks & bite your lips

Try these tips the next time you go out with your kid(s). Stay cool and gorgeous!

Aiden at 18 months, visiting the Singapore Flyer


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