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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To a healthier year ahead: Guardian Gummies for Kids

With the Chinese New Year celebrations coming right after Aiden's 4th birthday, we had an extended celebration and with this, feasting on food that is not exactly healthy for both ourselves and the kids.

Aiden is a relatively fussy eater, and is not open to trying new variety of food. He also has a very limited list of favourite food which he will ask for daily. Worrying he does not get a balanced diet and the necessary nutrients and vitamins he needs, we turn to vitamins and supplements that are appealing to him and complement this with his diet.

Guardian recently launched two new products for kids - Omega-3 Chewable Gummies and Multi-Vitamin + Minerals Gummies. 

Love the bright colored packaging of the Omega-3 gummies, making it look mouthwatering good as well. Aiden was excited to see the bottle of fishes and cannot wait to have his first gummy. The recommended age for this is 2 year old and above and 2 gummies a day. This gummy contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are important nutrients supporting a growing child's brain development needs.

We are assured of its quality under the Guardian brand name, trusted for its range of quality health products. There is also no added gelatin, preservatives, and boosts of natural fruit flavors and colors. A plus point as compared to most other Omega-3 supplements which has a fishy aftertaste. Each gummy provides 50mg of DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids, supporting healthy vision and brain functions. With such fun  (cute fish shapes!) and tasty gummies, Aiden has been reminding me to give him his daily dose.

With so many brands of vitamins in the market, time strapped parents can be assured of these gummies from Guardian that are competitively priced at S$23.90 for a bottle of 60s. These supplements are manufactured in the United States, employing the safest and most stringent processes.

The Multi-Vitamin + Minerals Gummies are tasty alternatives to syrups and pills, perfect for fussy eaters. They are packed with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals such as zinc, and help boost your child's immune health, energy levels and vision. These are also vegetarian friendly, with no added gelatine and preservatives.

Available at all Guardian Health & Beauty outlets, at a special price of $18.90 for a limited time only.
Sunday, February 22, 2015

We are going on a playground hunt...

I remember the good old days when I was a kid, and grandma would bring us to the playground (almost) daily. She would catch up with her friends in the neighborhood while we exhaust ourselves running around, challenging one another to swing the highest and attempt climbing up the slides. It was her breather for the day. We were happy to occupy ourselves with games like Police and Thief, Hide & Seek.

With fewer of the old school playgrounds remaining, complete with real sand for the even rarer few, I decided to bring Aiden and Ava to the watermelon playground near Tampines Central for a fun day of play and to reminisce the past. Hopefully the first of many old school playgrounds we will visit in the near future!

Hang in there!
Whee! The playground has a slight foul smell, a pity it is not well maintained.

Extra cautious on the slide.
Making a quick dash

We'll be back for more!

An ideal spacious area for her walking debut.

I'm going to walk like you gor gor!
Monday, February 16, 2015

5 things I will do differently in 2015

This year, for me is going to be a year of focusing on being present for the family and carving out more me-time for myself. 

Here are the 5 things I will be doing differently in 2015:

1) Understanding and speaking the love languages of Aiden, Ava and Daddy Darren

I have always wanted to learn more about the different love languages and how I can apply them in strengthening my relationship with my loved ones. I picked up these books, The Five Love Languages of Children by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D.and The Five Love Languages and I would highly recommend them for those of you who feel like you have problems communicating with your spouse or kids, and feel that no matter what you have done to express love, the other party does not seem to appreciate or reciprocate. 

Discovering the individual love language of Daddy Darren and the kids enable me to work towards filling their love tanks accordingly. And this helps leading to a stronger closer relationship with each of them. Very often, we carelessly hurt the feelings of one another unknowingly. This can be damaging for a parent-child relationship and I would want to avoid that.

I also want to work towards a closer, stronger relationship with Daddy Darren as our relationship influences and affects me and in turn, work and the kids.

I strive to be a loving, kind and fair parent to the kids and an understanding, supportive partner to Daddy Darren and I will work towards this.

2) Be totally present when playing and speaking with the kids, Daddy Darren and everyone else

With so many distractions especially with our smart phones, messages, emails, social media, it is sometimes challenging to just put aside the gadget and indulge in playing with the kids and listening to the other person you are out with. What happened to good old face to face time? I strive to revive this in the new year.

3) When reprimanding the kids, to do so in a kind and firm manner

Very often I raise my voice and belt out threats when there is a need to scold the kids. I may even lift my hand and threaten to hit them. I am confident that Aiden and Ava will get the message without me having to resort to screaming and hitting so I need to remind myself to speak in a firm and kind manner. Of course unless it is taken for granted or ineffective and I will have to be more creative in disciplining and teaching them the right behavior.

4) Work out, eat healthier and no more excuses

Year after year I would have this as my resolution until I stopped having new year resolutions. I need to get into a routine of including some exercise in my schedule.

I am happy I have started a routine of jogging regularly, and will definitely need to keep this going.

5) Connect with friends

With kids in my life, socializing and meeting with friends have taken a backseat. This year, I will make an effort to catch up at least once a month with close friends. Making plans ahead of time works, as well as impromptu invitations to dinner or coffee. Let me get my calendar and start making these dates happen.

This is part of a blog train hosted by Rachel of Catch 40 Winks. Find out what 33 other mum bloggers will be doing differently in 2015 and have a think about what you want to do differently this year too!

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Next on the blog train is Agatha, aka "Agy" a mummy, a wife and an eco-designer. Besides making sure everyone is taken care of at home, she loves to sew and her specialty is in upcycling post-consumer textiles and wearable electronics. She shares her passion and tutorials on her blog, Green Issues by Agy, as well as at workshop.

Monday, February 9, 2015

One step, two step, baby steps.

When did your baby start walking?

Being mummy the second time, we are overall more relaxed with Ava. This also meant not being as disciplined in reading to her, going through flash cards with her and also seldom bringing her out.

As she is turning 15 month old in a week's time, I start to panic as she has yet to take her first independent step. She is also pointing more than trying to tell us what she wants verbally. Doesn't the second child usually start blabbering their first words and take their first steps earlier than the first child as they try to mimic their elder sibling? Aiden took his first steps around 13 month old.

I have since stepped up and read books as well as going through flash cards on shapes, colors and common things in the house with Ava.

On walking, I have brought her outdoors to use her walker which she likes and is gaining confidence in walking over a longer distance. On our strolls to the supermarket and to the playground, I encourage her to walk by holding on to her hands and she is making progress, treading on tip toes now.

Every child develops at their own pace. I need to keep calm and let her take her baby steps on her own.

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