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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alfero Artisan Gelato

A few days ago, being the OCD of the family (Aiden comes close), I decided to rummage through the box where we keep all our coupons and vouchers issued by restaurants and shopping centres, you know, to do some spring cleaning of the expired ones.  Perhaps you would call it the 'Treasure Chest', but I guess a more accurate description would be the 'Lost and Found'.

Does not represent actual box in our home.
Anyway, as I was happily carefully throwing away the expired coupons and vouchers, I found some unexpired vouchers from this gelato cafe called Artisan Alfero Gelato.  We had received them in a Christmas party cum gift exchange at our house last year and it was a bit like winning the consolation prize (since I did not strike the Ang Bao Toto jackpot).  Coincidentally, the theme for the gift exchange was "Something that makes us smile". How appropriate!

It was only after we reached the cafe at Marina Square that we realised that this was one that received many awards and accolades over the years. As our expectations rose along with our appetite, we ordered the overindulgent waffle with 3 scoops of gelato - Tiramisu, Bacio (hazelnut) and Snow White (milk).  The ordering experience was different from the usual gelato/icecream cafes as you could not see what you were ordering - the gelato was kept in a sealed metal container.  Apparently, air and light would affect the quality of the gelato!

The verdict?  The gelato was rich in flavour, creamy and smooth in texture - distinctively different from others.  Worth every penny voucher!  Needless to say, we cleared the plates in no time at all.  Another plus point would be the service.  Even though there were only 2 staff at that time, they were attentive to our needs (for water and serviettes). They also didn't bat an eyelid when Aiden dripped water and gelato all over the table.  The waffle was a let down though.  As a comparison, the equally popular Gelare Cafe serves better waffles. 

We would definitely return to try the fruity flavours.  Thumbs up!  Or as the Italians would say, eccellente!

Aiden started without us.


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