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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another way to look at/through Lego

Ever since we bought Aiden a couple of train sets for his 2nd birthday, he has been less enthusiastic about his former love, Lego bricks.  He uses them to learn more about physics (specifically about projectile motion) instead of using them to create objects of his fancy.

In his mind, he must have found it useful to add the words "Play" and "Choo Choo Train" to his very limited vocabulary. Without fail, for the past two weeks or so, he has been using these words very effectively together with the act of wearing his own shoes to get us to bring him home so that he can some locomotive fun.

And so I decided to put things into my own hands (and literally on my own head) to pique Aiden's interest in Lego bricks last week at Ah Gong's place.

Can't actually see through these.
I can't actually see through those Lego glasses (I am very short-sighted) but I guess Aiden really loves it.  After laughing at me, he insisted that I make him one so that he can have another laugh at himself.  I duly obliged.

I see you!
Ah... the things parents do to see our children smile.  Or is it the other way around!


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