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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Entering the Year of the Snake

As we grow older, we tend to get less excited about the Lunar New Year. It was not until we had Aiden two years back, that the Lunar New Year becomes fun (again) for us. I still remember vividly, two years ago, on the 11th day of the Lunar New Year, our little rabbit, Aiden joined us, a day before Valentine's Day. He was 35 weeks and 5 days when I delivered him via emergency C-section, and I remember very clearly how dramatic the day was for us. And so, every year during the Lunar New Year holidays, we also celebrate this boy's birthday.

Just moments after he's out!
Celebrating the Lunar New Year is much more fun now, as we bring Aiden to visit friends & family, teach him how to greet them, stop him from throwing oranges and excitedly shop for his wardrobe.

It is really tough to stop him from munching on all the new year goodies, unhealthy snacks and soft drinks during the period when everyone else is happily stuffing themselves. We find it a challenge banning unhealthy food from his diet although we know it is not good for such a young boy. Share your tips with us on banning unhealthy snacks from your kids' diet - we regret exposing him at such a tender age but we can't reverse it overnight now.

Pictures to remember the Year of the Snake with our little Rabbit:
CNY 2013 Day 1 at my parent's place
Gong xi fa cai Daddy!
快高长大 Aiden!
Cheeky Boy with Ah Ma
Finally a good shot with Mummy (all were blur as he was fidgeting too much).
With his doting grandparents
At home waiting for guests
With my little friend, Eden


  1. Such a precious photo of Aiden! There's just something about a picture of a newborn that makes you go awww. My girl is a rabbit baby too btw!

  2. Hi Zee, thanks for dropping by :)Yes I still love looking at the pictures when he is a newborn as it brings back fond memories.
    Now they are at their (terrible two) toddler stage, can't help but feel how fast they grow up!


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