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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interview with 3 year old Aiden

Inspired by what Ai has done with Lil' Pumpkin on her 5th birthday, I decided to interview Aiden with this set of 25 questions. The boy surprised me with some of his answers, mostly well thought out before he responded. It would be great fun sharing his responses with him when he's older and a really nice way to remember each stage of his growing up years. It is also really interesting to see his responses evolve as he grows up.

1) How old are you? 3 years old

2) What is your favourite toy? Cars

3) What is your favourite car brand? Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen Golf, BMW and Mini Cooper!
(he couldn't decide on one)

4) What is your favourite food? Hotdog

5) What is your favourite drink? Chrysanthemum

6) What is your favourite colour? Green
(prompted by Daddy Darren)

7) What is your favourite TV show? Cars

8) What is your favourite cartoon? Mickey Mouse

9) What is your favourite song? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E MICKEY MOUSE!

10) What is your favourite place? Singapore!

11) What do you like to wear? Girl (clothes)
(We were quite surprised and amused to hear this. There were a few occasions he wore his clothes in a girl's style like his top as a skirt, his bottom as a tube top, and said it was fun when I asked him why he did that.)

12) What makes you sad? Daddy
(Why does Daddy make you sad? (Because he) scold me.)

13) What makes you cry? Ah-gong
(Why does Ah-gong make you cry? (Because he) shouts (at me).)

14) What makes you happy? Mummy
(Why does Mummy make you happy? She hugs me.)

15) What are you good at doing? Coloring and painting.

16) What are you not good at doing? Drawing

17) Who is your best friend? Daddy
(Why? Because he loves me.)

18) Which is your favourite animal? Tiger, lion

19) What makes you laugh, hahahah? Fire engine
(He was playing with Daddy Darren)

20) What are you afraid of? Fire, lizard

21) What do you like to do with Mummy and Daddy? Swimming

22) If you had one wish, what would it be? A birthday cake.
(You love to eat cake? Yes chocolate.)

23) What do you want to be when you grow up? Fireman!

24) Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, it's meimei.

It's interesting to note that Aiden is sad because Daddy scolds him but he also sees Daddy as his best friend because Daddy loves him. Happy to hear that and this short interview makes me feel how fast my little boy has grown, and can answer me in such a mature manner.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ava is 5 months old

Before we had kids, and whenever anyone asked if I have a gender preference, I would say 'A boy, I really love boys.' True enough when I found out that I was expecting Aiden, I was delighted and it was really nice to have a(nother) boy loving you so much. There are activities that are more skewed towards boys and Aiden has Daddy Darren to turn to for that. For me, I enjoy spending alone time with him crafting, baking, reading and in the pool and I love the bond we develop as mother and son.

When I was expecting Ava, I was really happy that we are blessed with a girl after Aiden. Though I had some fears that I wouldn't bond so well with a baby girl, it just happens naturally. At 5 months now, she can interact much better with us and I can see how cheeky she is as she discovers her own reflection in the mirror, as she chews on everything including my knuckles and laughs when I squeal in pain. I look forward to returning home to her smiles and chuckles, and this special bond I have with her is somehow different from what I share with Aiden.

Spending a day exclusively with her, I almost can't bear leaving her at my mum's place. Her smiles when I make silly faces at her, the tense look on her face when I swing her up high and her contented face when I kiss her on her lips. Kids grow up too quickly and I don't want to miss out on being a big part of their growing up years.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boys & Trains

Cars and trains are Aiden's favourite companions at home, on the road and he started requesting for these prints for his pyjamas too.  He would ask to play with his trains first thing he wakes up and right before he goes to bed.

I enjoy observing him putting the tracks together, sometimes struggling and I will encourage him to try again and take his time. He gets impatient at times and ask for help very quickly. Both Daddy Darren & I try to motivate him to give his best, before we guide him to achieve what he wants. He is much happier, and loves the sense of satisfaction when he manages to work on the tracks independently. I love seeing his eyes lit up when he completed a track route and have his trains run on them.

We recognize that it is important for us to teach him about giving his best shot before giving up on a task, so we don't step in immediately when he asks us for help, instead encouraging him and guiding him to complete the task.

Thanks to Daddy Darren, the boy gets to build creative, complex train routes and it is also a perfect bonding time for them. 
Inspecting Wilson before allowing him on the tracks.
What a smile on the captain's face.
Ready to go!
Up the track they go.
Let's load the cargo.
This is the way to do it.
Nice to see you Percy.
The boy's fast asleep after this complex track building with daddy.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

How are you celebrating Mother's Day?                  

For me, nothing beats spending quality time with the kids and engaging in new experiences & activities. Aiden & I participated in the Cake Jamming session at Little House of Dreams where we drew roses on a pretty rainbow cake. Here's where we have the cake and get to eat it too!
Enjoying his meringue kisses before the session.
New friend found, sharing their love for cars & cakes.
Pretty shop decor.
Look at my spinning cake.
Our first attempt together :)
Tadah! Our masterpiece.
My mother's day cake.
With their creations.
He couldn't resist.

The open session is on 10 & 11 May from 12pm - 7pm, and all other days in May are available too but you'll need to book 3 days in advance. Call to enquire at 62222972 or email

Have a great day mummies! We all deserve it. 

Little House of Dreams is located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central #B1-27E Singapore 059817.

Welcoming shop front.
Petite cupcakes.
Thursday, May 1, 2014

Family Portraits with Steph Tan Photography

With kids growing up so quickly and changing so much at each stage, we snap pictures of them at every opportunity we can. With either daddy or mummy behind the lens, it is often challenging to get a proper family shot.

We recently collaborated with Steph Tan Photography for a series of themed pictures, showcasing apparel from PriviKids. We also did a family photo shoot and here's a selection of my favourites.

Here are my favourites from the themed shoot

I was really impressed at how well Steph works with the kids, how she captures their priceless expressions and her creative set ups. If you are looking for a photography session for your kids or family, here's a special treat for you. Sign up for a Mini-Session on Sat, 10 May at the very attractive rate below. Do hurry as slots are limited.

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