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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall

Waiting time can be a fun time when you're two.
I was leaning against the wall outside the restroom the other day, waiting with Aiden for Cheryl to be done.  It didn't take long for Mr Cheeky, who was standing on the opposite side of the aisle, to also lean against the wall and give me a playful look.  I knew exactly what he was up to - he has recently started to take an interest in mimicking my every move when he's in the mood to play 'silent simon says'.  More than 10 people must have walked past us but Aiden was oblivious to their staring.  I was comparatively more aware and self-conscious.

And so when Cheryl came out of the bathroom and found us both pretending to be aeroplanes, superman and big birds, we had to take a picture together to remember this silly moment.

Thinking back, it is also a reminder for me that Aiden is watching how I behave very closely and will readily (and perhaps irreversibly) adopt/learn from it.  Sometimes, we don't want our kids to walk our path (especially the wrong ones) but I guess the best way to ensure they pick up the right/good things is for us to practise what we preach.


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