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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Singaporeans are Asia's happiest people online???

According to a shocking survey concluded by Eden Strategy Institute, a consulting firm that provides thought leadership and investment advice on social innovation, Singaporeans are Asia's happiest people online!!!

The full survey results can be found here.

It is supposed to be 'an independent and objective Happiness Index that spans multiple social media platforms across five Asian countries'.  It is supposed to be one that understands 'the true levels of happiness on a widespread basis across entire online populations'.  It is supposed to be backed by 'scientifically-reviewed principles of true happiness, powered by an online intelligence tracking engine, and comprehensively covers over 200 million social media accounts'.  So I suppose it must be true?!

In summary, it adds that 'despite recent complaints, the majority of Singaporeans continue to build on the Singaporean dream of self-actualisation, meritocracy, safety, and efficiency in society. The youth is particularly vocal during festive periods and special occasions, express their encouragement, and share pictures as a means of connecting with each other.'

What's even more ridiculous is that Singaporeans are two times happier (in terms of index scores) than Malaysians and almost 50 times happier than Indonesians.  These results threaten to throw slamdunk the phrase 'money cannot buy you happiness' into the bin of outdated quotes.

I think the 'online intelligence engine' is incapable of detecting, understanding and measuring the amount of online sarcasm dished out daily by Singaporeans.  So for this special occasion, I shall share a picture below as a mean of connecting with our readers.

Have a good weekend!


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