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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chasing dreams

Unveiling our new store at Suntec City Mall, and really happy to see our dream unfolding right before us. Love the way Daddy Darren puts it, Amazing things happen when you are chasing dreams. Took just one month to go from 'Should we take up this little unit?' to 'Hello Suntec!'

I definitely hope the amazing continues.

Sweat, blood, tears literally in the process of opening this store and I am happy to have friends, customers, overseas visitors come up to us, sharing how they love our store concept and the products we carry. Thank you. These little things keep us going.

Squeezing as much time as I could with Aiden and Ava, who works alongside mummy on photo shoots.

I love how a pair of shades and a wide smile work to brighten any outfit! Bold colors work on boys too, so be open and pick out hues of red, violet and yellow for them.

The baby in the family who is not so baby anymore. Floral prints are a favourite for little girls. And who can resist the cute matching baby bonnet! The dresses start from teeny 0-3 month size, who says newborn clothes are all boring white rompers? A big hit with parents looking for pretty baby shower outfits for their one month old baby.

One stop, fuss free shopping in our stores. Discover our new shoe collection, and complete your kids' wardrobe in the comfort of our store. An interesting observation - kids head straight into our store, sometimes ahead of their parents, to the play area. Pleasantly surprised, parents can spend time browsing in store and have to wait for their kids to finish playing before they leave! Wish more stores were like this, so I need not have to negotiate with Aiden on spending ten more minutes shopping in a (non toy) store. He would be the one negotiating for ten more minutes of play in the store.

The little white (and black) dress. Dance with me mummy, in the mood for some swirling action in this dress. Headbands for girls are a big trend, especially when girls resemble daddy most of the time. Before their rapunzel locks grow out, I guess headbands work wonders.

Come say Hi! when you next visit our stores.


Suntec City Mall (Tel: 62388655)
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tower 3, #02-712

Changi City Point (Tel: 6443 8802)
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blog Train: A day in our life

Just a year ago, I was working full time at my branding and marketing role, and with Ava joining us, my mum helped to care for her while we were at work and Aiden attended full day child care.

Today, I juggle my full time role running PriviKids, our kids apparel and lifestyle business and my role as mummy to Aiden and Ava. With the opening of our second store at Suntec City this April, I learn to prioritize and work even more efficiently. There is no typical day for parents as we all know how surprises come our way, and things do not always go as planned. I learn to relax more and enjoy the brackets of time I get to spend with the kids and family, and not get worked up over trivial things at home especially with the kids.

A MacDonald's treat when mummy's back home early.
Here's a glimpse at a day in our life:

7.00am: My phone alarm rings, and I quickly reached for it and hit the snooze button. Hoping it did not wake the kids, I made my way to their room to check on them. Great, both Aiden and Ava are still asleep, I get to sneak in more sleep. I snuggle back under the sheets.

7.30am: The alarm rings again and I find Daddy Darren in the shower and Ava at the door of Aiden's room (they sleep in his room). 'Morning Ava!' I greet her, flashing a wide grin when all I wanted was to crash back into bed. She reaches her arms towards me, still sleepy but determined to explore around. I make her breakfast of milk and biscuits or cereal and we spend some time on story books, blocks and balls.

She's at a stage where she's scared of many things and shows me this gesture.
Daddy Darren leaves for work around 8.10am. On mornings when the kids are awake early, he will fetch them to school and my mum's place. This is one of the (many) mornings the boy can't wake up in time. 

8.30am: Aiden stirs in his bed and he lazes around for a good ten minutes before dragging himself to the bathroom. Meanwhile I clean Ava and change her into fresh clothes. Leaving her in the high chair while she snacks on biscuits, I bathe Aiden and change him into his uniform for school. 

9.30am: Taking a speedy shower, I get changed and gathered all our bags and the kids out of the house. We stop by at the playground if time and weather allows, and the kids play for a short while before we make our way to the bus stop.

After dropping Aiden in school, I bring Ava to my mum's place.

11:00am: I start the day planning my to do list, attending to emails and ordering stocks for the stores. These days I shuttle between Suntec City and Changi City Point to the two stores, catching up with customers, and my team. 

3:00pm: I leave the store after preparing our online orders, and dropping them off at the post office. Grabbing a quick lunch around this time, I fetch the kids earlier to spend some quality time with them, bringing them to the pool to swim or do a mini photo shoot with them.

On other days, I arrange for meetings and only return to the kids in the evening.

7:00pm: We have dinner at my parent's place and when Daddy Darren comes home, we play with the kids and let them choose the games they like playing before bed time.

Today, we visit the supermarket and the kids had so much fun!

10pm: I prepare milk for Aiden and Ava and we read a few books before dimming the lights, singing to them while they drink their milk and drift off to sleep. 

Some days I doze off with them and on other days, I catch up with Daddy Darren on the business and his day before we go to bed. 

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