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Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's a Popping April!

We have been popping up all over the place this month!

Check out our new arrivals for April at our online store, head down to our little pop-up in Wheelock Place for some touch and feel of our clothes, enjoy the many privileges from our partners all over Singapore, and see how beautiful our clothes are in print in not one, but two popular magazines!

Some of you also shared pictures of your children looking absolutely fabulous on Instagram (#privikids). Thank you and keep them coming. We love seeing how you put together different looks with our clothes!

New Arrivals for April!

Things are always kept fresh at PriviKids. A wide variety of new designs have just been released! They have a few things in common though - super stylish, good value and excellent quality!

A favourite piece from the new collection is this Green Polka Dot Dress which is ideal for garden play dates. A flattering cinched waist cutting & its sweet pastel green are a perfect match.

Check out our new arrivals today!

Pop-up in Wheelock Place

A specially curated range of 15 designs from PriviKids will be available in-store at Eclecticism from now till the end of April. As a special preview, super cool aviators for kids will also be on sale!

Eclecticism is a multi-label boutique that strives to offer Singaporeans an exciting array of internationally sought after brands from New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Singapore and London.

Pop by if you can!

Eclecticism + Lauren Jasmine
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place #B1-06
Singapore 238880
10am to 10pm daily

Prints Charming

We just love the work done by the creative teams behind Mother & Baby and Young Parents magazines. We have a thing or two to learn from them on how to mix and match pieces.

We are excited to see our clothes being featured in both magazines this month! Grab a copy (or follow us on our social media channels) and check out the charming looks of the child models, with some help from us!
Friday, April 18, 2014

Embracing The Terrific Threes

Just as we thought we breezed through the terrible two toddler year, Aiden never fails to surprise us. Each new year brings it own set of challenges. Now at age three, he is more manipulative and engages in smart negotiating to get things his way. I find it tougher trying to balance discipline & managing his emotions. He knows what's right and often convinces me to let him have his way.

'Mummy, can I have a sweet please? I will only eat one.'
'Mummy, can I play with play dough then I will wash my hands and go to sleep?'
'Mummy mummy, can I play with this toy? I will keep my cars and then play with this toy...'

With such stressful years ahead of them as many parents of primary school kids have shared, I feel bad restricting him sometimes. With the small pockets of quality time with him, I remind myself to love, laugh and play with him within set boundaries. I especially enjoy talking to him as I discover his likes, his fears and sometimes that he makes believe things. As a parent, we are constantly learning and it's amazing what he has showed and taught me along the way too.

With super high energy levels that even Daddy Darren & I can hardly match on some days, we often bring him to wide spaces, playgrounds where he gets to run about, have fun and eventually go to bed exhausted earlier. The play area at Level 2 of Marina Square (near Mothercare) is ideal for toddlers and he learns new skills while at play. 

Learning to take turns with other kids
Balancing, he even ran down the slide on bare feet
Hasn't mastered doing this independently yet
Love this expression!
Cool breezy evenings were hard to come by. We went to the Esplanade Mall and explored the installations and music performance.

Superboy or musician?

A cost free eventful day in Singapore. Where are some other places you visit as a family? Share them with us!
Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ava's First Hair Cut

Daddy Darren & I each have very different hair texture - me with very fine, curly hair and him with a thick crop of straight hair. When we were expecting Ava, we wondered who she'd take after. I love the way Aiden's hair turned out - a nice head of wavy hair. We have brought him for a clean shave when he was four month old, and we decided to do the same for Ava.

We went to the Baby Spa at Harbourfront Centre for her first shave. I was preparing myself for a good cry out from the feisty girl, but surprisingly she wasn't the least affected and in fact enjoyed herself with 'encouragement' from Aiden.
Preparing her for the hair cut - diaper change first.
All caped up and ready.
Ava all at ease, Aiden tensed & anxious, Mummy grinning away.
Aiden had tears in his eyes, feeling worried for Ava as she gets her shave.
It was really surprising for us when Ava was all smiles as she looked at Aiden who was standing in front of her, encouraging her. But Aiden was so quiet as he stood in front of her, watching her and I could see tears well up in his eyes. When we were almost done with the hair cut, I praised both Ava for being brave and Aiden for being such a good support to his sister, and he wiped away tears from his eyes. That was such a sweet moment. This boy is such a sensitive soul and he was really worried for his sister, and thus the tears in his eyes. I can tell that he'd be a protective brother to her and I am really glad for that.
This cheeky girl making faces at her brother.
More funny faces.
Scalp brushing?
And we are done.
My two very hungry caterpillars, outfits from Out of Print.
Love these matching outfits? We couldn't resist getting them in sizes for babies & Daddy Darren. Check out the designs we carry for boys and girls at
Miss rubber face.
Happy caterpillar.

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