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Friday, September 26, 2014

First shoes for kids: The next best thing to barefeet, Pediped

Being parents second time round to Ava who just turned 10 months old, we find ourselves more chill and not overly OCD in tracking her every milestone. As long as she is healthy, happy and growing well, we are not fussed over the smallest things. I may not know exactly how many day old she is (...about 9 months, oh think it's 10 months already), when she sprouted her first tooth or when she started to crawl, but when we are shopping for her, we do not compromise on quality and comfort. 

We have heard a lot about Pediped shoes from fellow parents, online and in magazines, and when we were looking for Ava's first pair of shoes, we were drawn to this pair of Isabella Red shoes from Pediped's Grip 'n' Go range and couldn't wait to have her take her first steps in them. 


These days she has started to pull herself up to a standing position and can cruise around the house. She is also keen on taking baby steps when we go for walks instead of being carried or sitting in the stroller. We started putting on shoes for her whenever we go out so she will get used to wearing shoes and encourages her to take a few steps in them.

Here's why the selection for baby's first pair of shoes is important and what we love about Pediped's Isabella Red. 

1) Comfort for baby's delicate feet 

For baby's first pair of walking shoes, we feel that it is important to consider its comfort level for baby's feet. Pediped uses the highest quality leather and the soles on its Grip ‘n’ Go™ range are a thin natural rubber that provides an ideal level of flexibility and protection. With padded heels to absorb shock, this is perfect for baby's first steps.

2) Support for baby's first steps 

The Pediped footwear system boosts of three ranges of shoes, Originals from 0-24 month,
Grip ‘n’ Go™(9 month - 3 years) and Flex (1 - 6 years) to cater to your kid's needs as he grows from baby to active toddler and a confident walker.  

The Grip ‘n’ Go™range has soft, flexible soles and allow children to mimic barefoot walking closely. They also have a special G2 Technology™, which includes a soft rubber sole, rounded edges that mimic the shape of a child’s foot, heel stability, and a soft toe box to allow toes to grip the floor. These encourages babies to be more confident walkers as they feel comfortable wearing the shoes and it provides them with adequate support.

3) Assurance for parents

With its unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship, Pediped footwear has earned a loyal following. Word of mouth from other fellow parents are the best testimonies. The footwear have also been officially recognized by the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA) as being beneficial for children's growing feet and awarded the AMPA Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development. This multiple award winning brand and range of shoes sets the new standard in children's shoes. This gives parents added assurance that they are making the right choice in purchasing this range of shoes for their kids. 

4) Comfortable shoes are not stylish

Says who? Pediped creates stylish shoes that are the perfect combination of timelessness and trend. The brand launches two collection a year, you'd be spoilt for choice. We chose this pair of shoes in patent bright red that's ideal to jazz up an everyday casual outfit or to add glamour to a little black dress. 

Pediped range of shoes may come at a higher price tag from $64 - $99, but we feel that it's important for kids to start walking in the right pair of shoes with adequate support that can guide them as they grow into their toddler years. 


How To Select The Right Shoe Size?

 Here are tips on selecting the right size for their feet. 

i) Download Pediped's printable sizing chart

ii) iPad Sizing App - for the tech savvy, this app allows you to digitally measure your child's foot in the convenience of your home 

Where To Buy Pediped Shoes?

Pediped shoes are now available at PriviKids at Changi City Point unit 02-04 (Tel: 6443 8802).  

Visit us to browse the collection and get the right fit for your kid. Sizes run from 6-12month (Originals range) to EU size 31 (Flex range)

From now till 6 Oct 2014, enjoy 15% off any Pediped shoes in store. Simply show that you've liked both PriviKids and Pediped Facebook pages to enjoy this limited offer. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Pediped. All opinions are our own. 
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My gentle giant, Aiden

Mums never stop worrying about their kids.

I am always the one reminding Aiden to 'be careful, don't run too fast', 'look in front, we are nearing the end of the escalator', 'stop jumping, careful of the sharp edges'. Hoping to prevent accidents from happening and shielding him from potential falls, cuts and injuries. When would it be considered overly protective? I want Aiden to learn to be aware of the danger in his environment and yet be resilient and have the ability to pick himself up from a fall. I was speaking to a mom of three kids recently and she shared how the first born will always be the overly protected and careful one while the second child would be more daring, a risk taker as she will grow up with fewer restrictions and more carefree.

Nowadays, Aiden will tell me 'I know mummy, I will be careful' and this brings a smile to my face. My baby has indeed grown up to a young boy and knows how to deal with his mum's constant nagging (concern).

Spending quality time with Aiden on a weekday afternoon is a luxury I can have now, and it gives me renewed energy to drive the business when I return to work. It's always tough to turn down his requests to buy toys and I take a firm stand on what he can get.

We make it a point to fetch Aiden to school in the mornings, and some days he would be ok and give us a wave and a hug and on other days, he may get emotional and it affects me. I try to tell him that we can play tonight when he returns home but he can only muster enough to say, 'I want you to stay with me Mummy'. He has to be in school and I am looking at either switching school where he may enjoy school better (to which I spoke with him and he resisted switching), or take a more proactive approach to speak with his teachers. There was a recent change yet again, in his teachers and this may may have affected him as well.

My boy, it's as difficult for Mummy to leave you in school each morning. Let's make the best out of this together.

The Second (Class) Child

As much as I know intuitively that I love both Aiden and Ava the same with all my heart, I have to admit that I conscientiously treat Aiden better than his baby sister, Ava.

From toys, to our attention, to play time, to even exposure on social media, Ava gets significantly less. If she could talk and walk at 10 months old now, I’m pretty sure she would be heading straight for the Immigration Department to file a complaint for being treated as a second class citizen in the House of Yang. I don’t think I would get re-elected into office with a clear mandate if snap elections were to be called.

Daddy is truly sorry, my dear Ava.

I feel like I have no choice, after considering the psychological impact that Ava’s arrival had and would have on Aiden. He is the gentle giant of the family, tough on the outside but extremely delicate on the inside. A bit like that awesome biscuit at Popeye’s, but I digressed. At 3 and a half years old, he is not yet able to accept that he is not the centre of the universe, let alone sharing that universe with the latest sweet young thing emerging from seemingly nowhere (or Thomson Hospital if he was paying attention). It’s not a populist move, but it is one difficult decision that was made after careful and robust discussion in Parliament (i.e with Cheryl).

We try to tell ourselves that it is ok as Ava would be too young to know that we are treating her differently from Aiden. Many parents also share that it is very common to neglect the second child. But with each passing day, she is becoming more and more aware. A couple of months ago, she started crying or fussing about whenever I tried to carry her. Once her favourite Ah Gong is out of sight, the insecurity sets in. It was heart breaking for me.

To mend our budding relationship, there was only one way - more time and attention. Luckily, whatever time that I could squeeze in between work, PriviKids, Aiden and Cheryl in the last month or so, it is starting to work. Ava now doesn’t reject me and smiles ever so sweetly when I look at her or when I play with her. Just in time for me to notice that her first two teeth have sprouted.

Aiden is also beginning to genuinely accept that Ava is a big part of our lives as well, bringing her toys to her so that she can play with it (albeit to stop her from grabbing his toys instead), and insisting at one time that he wants to marry Ava when he grows up. However, he continues to rough with her.

Perhaps both Aiden and myself need to learn to how to behave properly when a new baby arrives. It’s not the most natural thing, but it is a lesson that we need to learn fast. Preferably before she finds out the directions to the Immigration Department.

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