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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Birthday to me!

A day well spent with loved ones, headed for lunch with Daddy Darren, catching up with a girl friend over high tea and indulged in sweet treats with the kids. 

Aiden and Ava wanted to choose a Paw Patrol or princess theme cake for me, luckily we established that the birthday girl chooses her own cake.

A macaron unicorn cake, with rainbow, panda, chocolate & gula melaka cupcakes. Got them from Butter Studio, and they look better than they tasted. 

An exciting year ahead for us, moving into a new home in two months' time, Aiden starting primary school, and embarking on a new role myself.

Photos before we stuff ourselves with cake.

Aiden and Ava stole bites in between pictures.

Striving to spend more quality time together as a family and one on one time with each of them in the year ahead.
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Flower Jamming with A Better Florist

Flowers evoke feelings of joy, happiness and it is always heartwarming to return home to fresh flowers in the room.

Flower arranging can be therapeutic with the interaction with various blooms, colors and putting them together in a pretty bouquet.

Together with a girl friend, we attended a flower jamming session with A Better Florist.

An experienced florist from their team demonstrated to our group of 10, on a rose bouquet arrangement before we set out to pick our flowers. It definitely looked easier than it really was, as we spent a much longer time putting our bouquets together.

We started picking our flowers and foliage for our bouquets, worked on stripping the flowers of its leaves up to 3 inches below the flowers and trimmed the stems at an angle to increase surface area for water. Any thorns or extra branches were removed at this stage as well. 

Next, we decided on the shape of our bouquet, whether it will be a fan shape or round bouquet and started putting it together.

Once we are happy with our bouquets, we secured the stems in place with tape an inch below the flowers, and trimmed the stems to about 3 inches below the flowers.

A fan shape bouquet, ready to be dressed.


Demonstration on wrapping the bouquet. 


Securing the wrapping with twine and ribbons.
And here we are with our creations.

A good learning session and it was fun bonding over flowers. Inspired to work with Aiden and Ava with their own flower arrangements for our home and bouquets for our loved ones. 

Keen to try your hands at flower jamming?

Use this code 'PRIVIKIDS20' for 20% discount on your session with A Better Florist. Keep updated with their next session in July on their Facebook page.
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