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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Superwoman Me!

I never thought I had so much energy before I became Mummy to Aiden. It was as though I was bestowed superhuman powers as I gave birth to him. With great powers, come great responsibilities, indeed.

Flashback: When I was single or married without kids. Weekends were most often spent sleeping in late, lazing in bed & then perhaps a leisure swim, shopping in malls, enjoying a meal at our own pace. How I miss those times. I am very thankful to my parents who sometimes help out with Aiden, and we can do the things we enjoy leisurely. But I often feel guilty and decides to shorten our time out so I can spend more time with Aiden and also to relieve my parents.

Times have changed, and so have I now. Aiden is my alarm clock every weekend - just today he got up at 7.50am even when he only slept close to 12 midnight yesterday. And so very reluctantly I woke up. We had a drink first thing, and then we read a few books - Thomas the Train, Little Miss Greedy & The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We went on to play with Thomas the Train set & lego. And surprise surprise, my dad came by with breakfast.

Aiden and I settled down to have breakfast and my very cheeky and active boy got me fuming within minutes. He spilled his rice, his water all over the table, his clothes and the floor! Of cos he got a scolding from me, and got punished - left him to sit on his high chair while I vacuum and cleaned the house. He wailed and screamed but I left him to himself.
I decided to be nice & to cheer him up after - so we got changed and left for water play & the playground. Once we got home before noon, we showered, and Aiden fell asleep after a bottle of milk! Haha peace! I finally got some time to sit down to BLOG. All these before 12 noon on a weekend. How incredible. 
Here are some pictures from last weekend where we invited Xavier & Levine (oh and of course their super mummies) over for some water play too!
Hello Pretty!
Kids go wild!
Bang bang!
Kick kick kick kick splash!
This is fun!
Xavier showering LOL
Let's go for the ball!
A very happy Aiden
Milk buddies forever! Cheers!


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