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Friday, March 13, 2015

Ava at 16 months

Dear Ava,

You have started to take your first independent steps a few weeks ago and the family is so thrilled to see you stand without support for a longer period. With your new found skill, you waddle around the house and enjoy carrying a bag on your arm as you wave goodbye to us to go on your imaginary date. Your brother Aiden was amazed, 'Wow mei mei can stand for so long time', to see you achieve this milestone. I am sure there will be so many more games you both enjoy in time to come.

Whenever I see you after work, you will stretch out your arms longingly for me, and as soon as I have you in my arms, you will nestle your head right by my neck, lying contently on my shoulder. I love this moment, this quiet moment that belongs to the two of us. You giggle gleefully when I plant kisses all over you, squealing in delight and looking at me so lovingly. I often miss these moments while I am away from you, and tears well up my eyes.

Ever so playful, you enjoy tickles from me and try to make your escape when I chase you around the house on fours. You are a master of peek-a-boos, attempting this in the car, behind doors at home and out in the malls. Balls excite you too, as you kick and throw any in your way.

'Cat', 'ball' and 'mama' are words you are comfortable speaking, and I can't wait to hear you call me 'Mummy'.

You are pretty adventurous when it comes to food and are open to trying new flavors and textures. You run to me whenever I have my meals, always so curious and greedy, stealing bites from my plate and spitting them out when you do not like them.

You can be a drama queen when you choose to. Met with rejection when you want to put a toy in your mouth or play with your food, tears will well up in your eyes and you will let out the loudest cry as you tremble and wail. I need you to learn that you do not get everything you want, especially not by crying. Holding you close and speaking calmly to you to soothe you, I find distractions help to calm you down.

I want to be a bigger part of your life and spend more quality time with you in the months ahead, playing, laughing and indulging in food together.


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