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Sunday, March 17, 2013

FTWM: Juggling Work, Home & Family

Before I was a mother myself, I didn't think much of what my colleagues who had kids go through. Right now, being a full time working mum myself, I truly salute all FTWM out there who still remain very much in control & manage a work-life balance while looking polished & groomed.

Dual roles 
After a hard day at work, we do not have the luxury of going home to rest & unwind. We've got to transform into our role as a mother, and spend quality time bonding with our kids & be as involved as we can in their growing up years. After tucking the kids in bed, which can sometimes be close to midnight for Aiden, I am most often too exhausted to do anything else. At times when I have important reports or presentations to do, I will stay up to complete them after he's gone to bed. It is exhausting indeed, but kids have the amazing power to make all the stress, the frustrations we have at work melt away, even if it is only momentarily. Coming home to see their happy faces, planting kisses all over them & holding them in our arms are the simple pleasures of life.
Priorities & Increased Efficiency 
Life as a FTWM challenges me to prioritize better & be more efficient at everything I do so that I can balance time at work and at home. It is definitely straining as I do not have time left for myself - to catch up on sleep, to go for pampering treats & to do things at a leisurely pace. But, if given a choice, I would still choose to work.

I enjoy the challenges work brings - the accomplishment of tasks, learning and improving my skill set, interacting with people, excelling & growing in my role at work. Working also allows me to be connected to current news & trends, doll up for work, sometimes travel to see the other markets & keep my sanity. I enjoy being able to live more comfortably with our dual income & being able to contribute to building our home.

Dependable Support
Having adequate support is essential in bringing up Aiden if I were to remain a FTWM. I am very thankful for my parents for their help - my mum who quit her job to take care of Aiden since birth, and my dad who is always around to lend a helping hand in every way. He's taken great care of the family and now, his pride and joy - Aiden. Leaving Aiden in their care allows me to work in peace as I trust that he is well taken care of vs. leaving him in infant care or a helper.

I am also happy to see how much more joy and laughter Aiden brought to our family & extended family & friends, bringing everyone closer as we spend more time together. Earlier this year, we enrolled Aiden for full day playgroup to interact with kids his age and to lighten my mum's load as the boy gets increasingly active & mischievous.

Supportive Partner
Having an understanding & hands on partner definitely helps ease the hard work being a FTWM. I am thankful for Darren on taking on most of the household chores, not insisting that I cook for him, for making the extra effort to strike a work-life balance so we spend more time together as a family, for working hard & striving towards a better quality of life for us, for sacrificing me-time which I know is important for him, for being a role model to Aiden in many ways, for supporting me in my role at work and encouraging me to pursue my dreams & interests. We may have differing views but we accept our differences & are able to complement and support (and sometimes influence) each other well. I hope this continues to develop and grow positively for us. I believe that a happy & strong marriage contributes to a happy child as he grows up in a loving environment.

As much as I complain of not having sufficient me-time & to do the things I enjoy at a leisure pace, I really enjoy being a FTWM. Let's wait and see if it'd be the same when our family grows. 


  1. Us FTWMs really clock in double time! Haha... But it is true that the tough part is not having sufficient me-time, it is still our "best" option thus far!

    Thanks for sharing your story! :)

  2. Hello Sandra! Thanks for leaving a comment :)

    Yeah, we got to be super efficient at everything we do and try to still look the part when we are at work - how demanding. But I am sure fulfilling as we get to keep our jobs, our sanity and yet build a family at home.

    Let's encourage each other when the going gets tough!

  3. so nice to have a very supportive husband! That definitely helps a family to have a stronger bond.

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment :) yes indeed, a FTWM needs all the support she needs, otherwise with so many roles to juggle, we may snap!
    I enjoyed reading your posts as well, fun time spent with the family. I'd try creating bubbles soon with my boy. Thanks for dropping by again!


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