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Monday, January 30, 2017

Hello 2017!

The Year of the Rooster arrived so soon in January, we went right from 'Jingle bells jingle bells' to 'Gongxi gongxi gongxi ni'. In fact, Ava was still belting out christmas carols, and getting teased by Aiden.

This will be the final year Aiden and Ava attends the same preschool, with Aiden in Primary One next year. I strive to spend more quality time with each of them, coaching each of them and being stricter when disciplining them.

We began spring cleaning and preparations for the lunar new year, less than a month after the christmas celebrations and countdown to the new year 2017. We roped in the kids to clean the house and they really surprise me. Aiden could help with vacuuming the floor, and tidying his room, light mopping of the floor and folding the laundry. I found out how meticulous Ava was, when she arranged the drinks in the refrigerator. She was really pleased with her accomplishment and requested for more tasks to do. Hope this is a good start to regular housekeeping with the two of them.

For their CNY celebration in school, the dress code was oriental. Spoilt for choice this year as we introduced a few new brands including Sea Apple, Pocket Pig Diary and Glitter Glam in our stores, we picked out this Clear River Shirt for Aiden, a mandarin collar short sleeved shirt with cute chinese knots as buttons. Ava picked out a red cheongsam, in very comfortable cotton material.

Love how these outfits can be worn for other occasions, and with the material great for our weather, lesser complaints and more cooperative kids.

We have had positive feedback on the lightweight material of these outfits, and have a wider variety available in stores. Looking forward to welcome you to our stores, as we reopen on Mon 30 Jan 2017. 

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