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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fun activities for little hands - Busy Bags

Filling pockets of time with novel activities while we are home with the kids can be a challenging task. When we discovered the range of busy bags from Busy Tots Bags, filled with activities to keep young children entertained and engaged with, we were excited to introduce them to Aiden and Ava.

1) Button Up Shirt 

This travel size wooden shirt is perfect for those little hands. Align the buttons on the holes and thread the lace through to secure the buttons.

At 24 month old, Ava enjoys this activity. She would take the buttons out and independently try to string them back on the shirt after observing how I do it. 

This appeals to older kids as well, though it is a simpler activity for them and takes them a shorter time to figure out the stringing. 

The kit includes 2 wooden shirt, 6 buttons and 1 string, and helps with improving hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

2) Thread the Holey Ball

The bright colored balls attracted both Aiden and Ava. It was tough initially to guide them to thread the pipe cleaners through the balls as they were more excited rolling and bouncing the balls around.

They found it challenging to slot the pipe cleaners through the holes, and ended up with tangles and interesting shapes instead.

This kit includes 4 plastic balls and 5 pipe cleaners, it is a fun activity that trains hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

3) Mother Hen

Ava was attracted to the felt hen in this activity. Intuitively, she went for the eggs and removed them from the hen before going on to remove the buttons from the wing. The buttons were slightly challenging for her.

Aiden takes over buttoning and snapping the eggs in place. Great team work! We used this to practice counting in English and Mandarin with Ava.

4) Fun with pony tails

Learn how to braid hair, untangle hair and tie them with rubber bands. This activity is fun and interests Ava more than Aiden. It helps with the development of fine motor skills and unleashes your child’s creativity. 

5) Geo Board Shape Fun

This versatile geo board is great for teaching the kids about shapes, numbers and alphabets. 

This is more suitable for kids 3 year and above, and encourages creativity as they can create various shapes and patterns with the bright colored rubber bands. Activity cards are provided to guide the kids on forming letters, numbers and various shapes. 

This kit includes 1 plastic geo board, 20 rubber bands and 8 geo board activity cards.

Exclusively for our readers:

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Christmas Giveaway:

Two lucky readers will stand a chance to win a $20 voucher to shop for busy bags for your child. Simply leave your name, email address and which activity kit would you love for your child under comments. 

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Christmas Limited Editions

Check out these limited edition Christmas bags, they makes perfect gifts for young kids. 

All in one Christmas Magical Set

This magical set includes 4 Christmas busy bags:

1. Dazzling star

Have a fun time of bonding with this star ornament craft bag. Colour the star, talk about how many sides the star has, and hang it up on the Christmas tree as the little one's proud contribution to the decorations this season.

2. Magical Tree Wand

Learn about numbers, the Christmas way! Match the numerals and numbers of stars on the 'wands' to the numbers of stars on the trees. 

3. Merry Lacing

Lace strings through the holes on the limited edition Christmas foam shapes. Learn to recognise the shapes and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

4. Hallmarks of Christmas

Get crafty-painty with these painting stamps. Tip: Get a big piece of paper, let your child stamp the shapes, and use as gift wrapping paper when dry. See your child beam with pride when the gift is all dressed up in his/her masterpiece!

Christmas Tree Fun

Get your little one to be a part of the Christmas decorations this year, with this unique craft set! 

Paint the circular base in your child's favourite colour - or leave it as is. Describe and discuss the tree and decorative stickers, as you get crafty together. Unleash your child's creativity and develop his/her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as he/she decorates the Christmas tree with the stickers provided. 

We love how these busy bags are compact and convenient to bring around, and they make great in flight activities during our recent Tokyo trip with the kids. Shop early and support local this Christmas.
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