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Friday, August 2, 2013

My Beauty Must Haves

Friends and colleagues around me have complimented my glowing, radiant skin. Besides the glow of pregnancy that I am enjoying now at 21 weeks (trust me, my skin was so bad during my first trimester I felt like an angsty, pimply teenager!), it has to be attributed to these make up products I am using currently. It takes me 5 - 10 minutes to get ready (without defined eye makeup and fake lashes) and really works wonders!

By Terry Touch Expert Advanced

This is an absolute must have in my makeup pouch. The magic pen erases eye makeup smudges below the eyes, mainly contributed by eyeliners  & mascaras that won't stay on. Just with a few clicks (works like a mechanical pencil), the pen dispense a light liquid texture which you can brush under your eyes and just blend with fingers. Refreshes my makeup and I look fresh again.

RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks in P07 - Holographic Pink

Even without foundation on, I insist on some color on my cheeks. It gives an illusion of radiance and I look healthier and sun kissed with the rosy tint on the cheeks. I really love this medium pink shade from RMK that gives me a healthy rosy look, and the polarized pearls gives a soft glowing touch to the look. Helps me freshen up before a play date or friends gathering when I barely have time to get ready!
Guerlain Parure Aqua Fluid Foundation in shade 32

I switched from my all time favourite RMK Gel Emulsion Foundation to this fluid foundation from Guerlain. To my surprise, this moisturizing and light weight foundation works well with my current skin type. Thank goodness my complexion improved overnight when I was about 18 weeks pregnant, after weeks of gigantic pimples emerging and many red, painful smaller ones popping all over my forehead and chin area. I was feeling really miserable. With this hydrating moisturizer, I do one pump and spread the amount over my face. It glides on very well and adheres well to the skin, covering imperfections as well. I enjoy how it is absorbed very quickly into the skin for the next step of concealing. The finish is dewy and stays on all day.

Kate Eyebrow Pencil in BR-3

This super fine tip eyebrow pencil is my savior for beautifully shaped brows. It takes me under two minutes to draw my brows and I dust some powder over for a more natural finish. Very sleek and compact to bring along in your makeup pouch & for travels.

By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly in 2 - Brown Stellar

For more defined eyes and a less sleepy look, use this easy to glide on eye pencil and tadah! Eyes appear larger ready for mascara or fake lashes if I have more time and in the right mood. Many friends have advised that I should doll up more during my pregnancy so that my baby girl will have nicer features, especially with eye makeup - more defined eyes, long lashes. I know I shouldn't find excuses but fatigue and laziness take over.

Will share more beauty products and tips as I discover them.
Can't wait to share these with my little one when she's here and grown up. 


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