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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby see, baby do

Do you worry about what your kids subconsciously learn from your own words and actions? As parents we need to constantly edit our conduct to ensure they only learn the 'right' things. How challenging that can be.

I am taken by surprise each time I hear something familiar from Aiden or when his actions remind me of Daddy Darren or even myself! How fast kids imitate and pick up what they hear or see daily, so it is important that we conduct ourselves in the way we hope our kids would emulate, right from their early baby days.

Since he was little, I have to keep reminding myself not to always give 'No' as an answer and try to explain why I object against his actions. I do not want him to grow up always giving 'No' as an answer without substantiating it. As I guessed, when he starts to communicate, we get 'No' pretty often when we ask him for his opinion and I wished I hadn't overuse it.

There are other instances, like how he would have a routine of cleaning the bay window area with wet tissue twice before wiping it with a dry tissue and always carefully lifting the items on the surface as he cleans - this is exactly what Daddy Darren does! And how when he sees something amusing, he would say 'Funny!' and then roar with laughter, that's what I do subconsciously.

This made me sit up and think, wow - the things they pick up from us. I need to 'edit' what I say or do in front of him as this is the stage (he is 30 months old) where they absorb like a sponge and I wouldn't want to taint it.

He recently picked up 'Scissors, paper, stone!' and here's him in action.

Make a guess on who he's mimicking by fist punching and walking away after losing a game. 


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