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Monday, August 26, 2013

Childcare Woes

As working parents, very often we don't have a choice whether we want to enrol our kids into childcare. It has been over 7 months since Aiden started childcare and over this period of time, he has hurt his ear, slipped & fell from spilled water and broke his front tooth and recently suffered a bad bout of diaper rash (not sure what's causing the extreme redness in his butt area, leading to on and off fever for 3 days and counting).

Is this due to negligence on the school's part? Will switching to a new school improve the situation? Or will pulling him out of school for awhile help - but who will make the sacrifice to stay home to care for him meanwhile? I wished I had a choice, and with our second baby on her way, I would also need to consider if this school is suitable to care for her as we may enrol her earlier, and from the way things look now, I am not confident of starting her too early.

With about 14 weeks to go before I pop, I am pretty concerned about how we would arrange child care for both our kids.
The boy who finally puts on his uniform after 7 months of school


  1. I guess it is a matter of luck sometimes. J has been in infantcare since he was 3 months coz i went back to work early. But, so far, he is a happy camper. No doubt there were times he bruised himself, fell ill , bullied and got bullied... We saw it as part and parcel of the choice we made. For us, as long as he was not gravely hurt... we just go with it. Maybe speaking with the school for a start may help? Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Shermeen. Yup there are ups and downs and also these occurrences for young kids are inevitable. Have yet to decide whether to leave the younger one in infant care. Was just informed that my boy's favorite teacher is leaving the centre this week so perhaps its a sign to look for another school.

  2. Trust has to be in place. If you couldn't trust the childcare centre or the teachers, you should seriously consider looking for alternative at the soonest possible. Surely small accidents happen, and kid might fell sick every now and then when adjusting to the centre, but the trust is not established, you will not have an ease of mind when your kid is under their care. All the best!

  3. Thanks! I guess it's the recent incident of his fall, leading to a broken front tooth that made me start thinking, and worrying. Will speak with the school and meanwhile will look out for other childcare options too.

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