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Friday, August 9, 2013

The First Flutters

I still remember the first flutters I felt when expecting Aiden, and how excited I was to share that with Daddy Darren - which he dismisses as my tummy growling or too much fluid at times.  During my final trimester, his kicks and punches got stronger and I could feel vibrations & see movements from the surface of my tummy.

This time round, I didn't feel the flutters any earlier as I am 22 weeks now and just started to feel baby's first taps and some flutters. I still feel very excited as I feel baby's first connection with me and look forward to the nights where I lay quietly on my side, feeling her nudges.

When the movements grow stronger, I would like to share this with Aiden and slowly help him accept his baby sister. which I think he is slowly embracing. I am sure he would be a great big brother with guidance from us.


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