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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kite Festival Singapore 2013 - Grand Flying Days

If you have no idea where to bring your kids this weekend, look no further than The Promontory @ Marina Bay! The Kite Festival Singapore is an annual event that features, well, amazing kites over the span of a couple of months.  This weekend would be the finale of the 2013 edition, entitled Grand Flying Days.  We have not attended the event before but we are excited about it just by imagining the blue skies filled with a sea of colourful kites flying high above Marina Bay!  Will definitely attend if Aiden recovers from his fever!
Talking about flying objects, Aiden has been rather distracted from his collection of cars lately by some planes that Ah Ma and Ah Gong bought for him.  This boy is terribly on trend, with the latest Pixar hit Planes set to blaze the local box offices come 5 September.

I think he's still too young to sit through a movie in the cinema without disturbing the rest of the movie-goers, so we did the next best thing last weekend.  We brought him to the Changi Airport to look at the real thing!  We usually go to the Viewing Gallery at Terminal 3 but turns out that the Terminal 1 Viewing Gallery (Level 3) offers a good view of both the stationary and landing planes too.  Even better, there is a playground there as well when your kids feel like stretching their wings (and other limbs) after all that viewing.  Called Canopy, it is a forest-themed indoor playground for children aged 18 months and above.  The official website says that playtime is chargeable, but when we were there on Saturday, there was no cashier and kids and parents alike were free to roam!

Not sure if this is allowed but we brought along his scooter anyway so that he has plenty of space to ride around in comfort!


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