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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yoga fun with CBeebies

Recently, we were invited by BBC to be part of the CBeebies Club, an exclusive club for parenting bloggers in Singapore which provides fun, educational workshops for the whole family.

The inaugural workshop, 'Yogo for Kids', was held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens earlier this month. This is a yoga class for children to learn some 'Yogo' moves that are featured in the TV series, Waybuloo.

Waybuloo is the hit CBeebies television show that explores emotions and relationships, and takes pre-school children on a journey through stories of co-operation, friendship and enjoyment. At its heart, it is a philosophy for a happy life with uplifting themes of happiness and harmony brought vividly to life through a combination of live action and cutting edge CGI animation.

To be frank, I didn't know about CBeebies or Waybuloo before - you might know that Aiden spends little time in front of the TV and iPhones/iPads.  I was however, excited about the fine print that came with the invite - the parent will be attending the yoga class together with the child.  Aiden and I are used to unrestrained goofing around playing, so I thought it would be interesting to see how we fare at *gasp* following instructions.


We reached Singapore Botanic Gardens super early at 8am and the venue was by then bathed under the most glamorous morning sun.  Aiden and I quickly picked a random yoga mat as the two instructors were about to begin.  I was abit apprehensive at first as Aiden can be quite stubborn when he decides on doing something, or in this case, not doing something.  He was also one of the younger ones as the class was meant for kids up to about 8 years old.  Thankfully, with the help of the calming voices of the instructors and the interesting method of leading the class - using a series of connecting stories and creative imagery, Aiden managed to follow the instructions and had fun in the process!

We started with closing our eyes to listen to the birds chirping and feeling the warmth on our faces.  We then slowly went through various yoga poses without us even realising, pretending to be big birds, cats, trees, mice, bridges etc.  See if you can make out which pose is which!


We might not be the most elegant yoga partners but it sure was fun!  The picnic breakfast and goodie bag provided by the thoughtful organisers completed our perfect morning.  Looking forward to the next activity already!

Aiden is wearing the Flag Print T-Shirt from our store PriviKids.

More about Waybuloo
The series is set in a magical place called Nara; a land of happiness and laughter that’s home to four animated Piplings – Yojojo, Lau Lau, Nok Tok and De Li – who interact with children to explore and experience natural and spontaneous routes to happiness: through warmth, friendship, co-operation and citizenship.

The educational emphasis of Waybuloo is upon personal, social & emotional development and in each episode, six children known as Cheebies – visit the world of Nara to help the Piplings explore new situations and the emotions that arise from them. Through Waybuloo, children are able to understand their emotions in a way that no other pre-school series has done before. Every episode will explore a theme specially chosen for children who are starting to think more independently, and displaying greater curiosity about the world they inhabit.

Watch Waybuloo on CBeebies (StarHub channel 303) every day at 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm and 10.30pm throughout July. After that, visit for more scheduling information, as well as Waybuloo games and videos.


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