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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Very Busy Spider

Being more advanced in his gross motor skills than speech, Aiden has always been interested in riding on his ybike, playing with his Lego set, cars and recently Thomas the train set. Every day after school when we come to see him after work, he would say he wants to 'play choo choo'.

Recently, I started reading more regularly to him at bed time to cultivate his interest in reading & am glad he enjoys it. He even tries to fill in the words of the sentences as I read to him. There will be phases where he is into a particular book and always wants me to read it repeatedly. Once, I read him the same story for more than five times and I fell asleep while at it!

His favorite book now is The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, and I really enjoy the time spent with him, reading. And have him drink his bottle of milk and fall asleep beside me in bed. Though I'm usually very beat by this time, I enjoy having him by my side. And if I'm lucky, like tonight where he fell asleep at 9pm, I have the rest of the night - alas doing work, and stealing some time to blog!

Share with me some of the books suitable for toddlers age 2 and above. Would love to expand his library of books.


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