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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our New Baby!

After over six months of hard work, sleepless nights, spending all the time we have together after work and over weekends and an overseas trip for Daddy Darren and me, finally, we are bursting with excitement to announce that our new baby has launched!

PriviKids is a concept store for like-minded parents in Singapore. We not only dress up privileged kids with stylish apparel but also care about the under-privileged by collecting your preloved kids clothes for donation. We also stock unique lifestyle products sourced from all over the world.

This all started as I had this idea in me one night and I had to wake up to brainstorm about it. It is really challenging to find stylish, simple and affordable clothes for our first child, Aiden. There are definitely many labels out there offering trendy and stylish clothes, but with their price tags, it does not make sense for us since kids outgrow their clothes too fast. We need to stretch every cent working parents spend on their kids, while building a stylish wardrobe for our next generation.

Instead of relying on what the current market offers, why don't we make the first hand selection and bring the collection to our shores for like minded parents? On one hand, we get to pick from a wide selection from around the world for Aiden, and on the other hand, we share our finds through our online shop with like-minded, time pressed Singaporean parents. What's more, we contribute to grooming the next generation of Singaporeans from young.

Since having a kid myself, I empathize more with kids who do not have the privilege to grow up in a complete home, and I feel that each of us can contribute to make their lives happier. And so we started donating our pre-owned (sometimes brand new as Aiden outgrown the clothes before he wears them) clothes to The Salvation Army and MINDS Singapore. We hope to encourage more parents to do so, by collecting pre-loved clothes for donation for them through PriviKids.

It wasn't a breeze for us launching the brand. Kudos to entrepreneurial mums and dads. We have our full time job to balance with family time and then we have to squeeze time out to develop the brand. We have our fair share of disagreements, but we worked them out, decided what's best for the brand and moved on. I guess this also helped improved our communication with each other as we work through the launch together, spend almost every waking hour (besides at work) together, putting in our heart and soul to bringing the brand concept together.

We hope to have your support in nurturing and growing PriviKids in Singapore. Browse the collection, and we hope to add a piece to your child's closet. And of course do drop us a line if you would like to see any lifestyle products or accessories as we are looking to launch these in the future.

Here are some photos from our launch collection, visit the store, for more styles. 


  1. Ohhhh wow love the product shots! The models r so cooperative too! Did u get them professionally taken?

  2. Thanks Janice! My husband doubled up as photographer and took these pictures.
    It isn't as easy as it looks as toddlers are impossible to control lol. We had fun and a fair share of frustrations.


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