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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Am I A Nag?

I sometimes feel like I nag too much at Aiden.

I definitely don't want to be remembered as 'The naggy mummy' when he grows up. I want him to remember me as the loving mummy who cares deeply for him. The fun loving mummy who shares new experiences and laughs with him. The supportive mummy who encourages him to pursue his interests and develop his strengths while not fearing to lose or fail. The mummy who embraces him for who he is.

Why then do I feel like I nag too much? It is all me worrying for his safety and well being. You'd hear a broken record of me screaming, 'Be caaaaaarefuuuuul!' throughout the day when I am the main caretaker. Whenever he scoots around on his ybike, performing his own stunts - lately including one where he lifts his bike up and lands on the ground, and reversing very quickly with many obstacles  (his other toys which he refuses to keep after play!) in his way, cutting corners around the sharp edges of the dining table, I fear he will tumble and fall. When he runs around the house in excitement, I fear he will slip and fall. When he tries to reach for things beyond his height or strength, I fear he would hurt himself. When he somersaults and jumps on the bed, I fear he would roll off the bed or hit the wall - and he just did today. I guess as parents, we never stop worrying for our kids even when they grow up.

Towards other naughty acts, like putting a toy in his mouth or running too far ahead of us, I will usually not overreact and scream at him. Instead, I will tell him the consequences of his actions and he will usually burst out in tears fearing the consequences. I do feel bad whenever I see him in tears, and will comfort him while explaining that he won't experience the consequences if he knows his limits and doesn't commit the same act.

Building lego himself. He sometimes try to pop a toy in his mouth.
What really is the breaking point for me, is when he doesn't have the patience to wait for me to finish using the bathroom, finish my food, finish an email, and kicks up an enormous fuss for me to be with him immediately. I leave him to cry sometimes, and though it pains me to see his tears, it also kills me not to have some time to myself. The other breaking point for me is when he intentionally makes a mess with food and I have to clean up the mess he made.

I find myself more and more of a nag, as I find myself spending more time disciplining Aiden nowadays as he has more antics up his sleeves. I consciously remind myself to cherish the time I have with him while he is growing up and to not be worked up over smaller issues. Also to make a conscious effort to choose spending quality time with him over other priorities in my life.

He turned 26 months yesterday on 13 April 2013, which is also my dad's 59th birthday. Am thankful for having the two of them and Daddy Darren - the 3 important men in my life.

Yummy birthday dinner at Eng Seng with dad
Feeding himself hungrily at dinner
Do you share the same worry as me on being a naggy mum? Share with me if you have any tips on disciplining your toddler when they throw tantrums.


  1. Love the chair n the hat on Aiden!, seriously Cheryl, u must do a post on yr house decor soon! Inspiring me to redo my house hahaha.ops i hope i dont sound like a stalker!

  2. Thank you Janice! :) I will definitely find time to post about our house. Haven't had the time to do so yet. More than happy to have you drop by and leaving comments, keep them coming :)


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