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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Twenty Questions

Here are my twenty answers to Mummy Moo's linky:

1. Was your pregnancy planned, and how old were you?
Nope, we were on a 'let nature take its course' phase. I was 27.

2. What were your reaction?
I was really surprised to find out and was stunned for a moment. Next thing I knew, I was smiling to myself, elated and teared.

3. How did you find out you were pregnant?
I was not feeling well for a few weeks running, and thought it could be low blood pressure as I had symptoms like feeling faint, almost blanked out while on public transport for a few times. I was also feeling extremely tired for a week. I decided to go to the clinic for a more thorough check up, and the doctor asked me to take a pregnancy test which I thought was really unnecessary as I didn't think I was pregnant at all. I remember waiting for quite a long time for the test results and when it was out, I was caught by surprise.

4. Who did you tell first?
My husband! I called him on the phone as I couldn't wait to tell him in person.

5. Did you find out the sex?
Yes! We were very excited to know. Earlier at 13 weeks, our gynae already hinted that we can shop for our boy. We waited till the detailed scan at 20 weeks before starting on our shopping spree.

6. Did you have morning sickness?
I had the urge to throw up very often especially during the first & last trimester, especially in the car and kept a bag with me just in case. But luckily, I never threw up.

7.What did you crave?
I didn't have much craving. I enjoyed my usual favourites and didn't have such strong cravings that I needed to eat RIGHT NOW! So, my lucky husband can satisfy my cravings over the weekend.

8. Who / What irritated you the most?
Nothing I can remember. I reminded myself to think happy and be happy throughout the pregnancy.

9. Did you wish you had a different gender from what you obtained?
Nope. I really love boys. But if we are having a second one, I would like a girl.

10. How many kilos did you gain during the entire pregnancy?
About 16kg! I popped at about 35 weeks plus, so it could have been much more.

11. Where did you think the baby was conceived?
Somewhere at home, we couldn't make out when.

12. Did you have any complications during the pregnancy?
I had really bad water retention - my legs, nose and even fingers, I couldn't close them in the mornings. At 35 weeks, my gynae advised me to schedule for an earlier delivery as I had high blood pressure. I was scheduled to see him in 4 days time to firm the details, but my baby couldn't wait! My water bag burst while I was sound asleep a day later.

13. Where did you give birth?
Thomson Medical Centre

14. How many hours were you in labour?
From the time my water bag burst at about 5am in the morning, we rushed to the hospital after calling my gynae. Aiden popped after 4pm which makes it about 11 hours!

15. Who watched you give birth?
Daddy Darren got to come into the operating theatre. A very funny story he would tell is of him wearing the surgical cap meant for his shoes on his head!

16. Was it natural, or C-Sect?
We tried for natural at first, with epidural (which was the most painful thing I can remember from giving birth)! After a few very dramatic hours with many nurses coming by to check on me, we found out that we had to go for emergency C-sect immediately, and so off we went to the operating theatre and Aiden was born under 30 minutes. It turned out that the umbilical cord was around his neck and his heartbeat plunged every time I had a contraction - it was a very dramatic day for us.

17. Did you take medication to ease the pain?
Yes! I tried to be brave and said maybe don't need for epidural. But once the contractions kicked in, I screamed for epidural to be administered immediately!

18. When was your child born?
13 Feb 2011

19. What is his / her name?
Aiden Yang

20. How old is he today?
He turned 2 this February.

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  1. Oooh! Aiden is just a month and a week younger than BabyMoo! :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hey Mummy Moo, yeah they are so close in age :) No problem, keep the linkys coming and I will support.

  3. And I noticed Baby Moo has natural curls too, haha I love their hair like that :)


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