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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I am never fond of bringing Aiden to the hair salon. Since young, he puts up a huge resistance and is scared of getting his hair cut. I am not one of those mums who can trim their kids' hair themselves, so we had to put him through the ordeal of a haircut once every few months.

We put off cutting his hair for six months as I wanted to grow out his hair. Mainly because I wanted to experiment with different hair lengths and styling his hair, and before they impose rules in primary school where boys cannot have long hair.

Many friends and strangers have stopped to ask how we style Aiden's hair and here's some of the styles and tips to do so:
1) Apply styling wax to the fringe area where hair is longer, and twist it as you style it upwards. Tame flyaway hair on the sides with the remaining product on your hand.
Tip: We go for styles where we keep his fringe longer and have the sides and back shorter so it is easily to maintain and style even as it grows out.

2)  Out of bed look - I used water and ran my fingers through his fringe and we are ready to go! Let the wind do the rest :)
Tip: If you do not wash off all the products in his hair the night before (usually we only do this when Aiden dozed off on the way home at night and we can't drag him to shower), the out of bed look holds longer.

3) As his hair grew longer, we needed stronger holding power. Apply styling gel to the fringe area, towards the back and run your fingers through and lift hair off forehead, scrunching it as you lift it up.
Tip: Remember to wash hair thoroughly after using any hair products to prevent product build up.

4) Run fingers through his hair to a side parting when his hair is semi-dry after shampooing and viola! Tuck the longer sides behind the ears for a neater look.
Tip: This is really easy for boys with natural curls/ waves. For those without, you will need to blow dry to build volume before styling.
His crowning glory

As much as I love his long, wavy hair, it was getting too long, plus the humid weather, so off we went to get his lovely locks trimmed.

Some tips before your kids' hair cut to lessen the drama:
1) Prep talk him before the hair cut
2) Be with him all the time and reassure him when he says he is scared
3) Request to sit with him on your lap if the hair salon allows
4) Prepare a favourite snack (biscuit / sweet should do the trick) and offer to him
5) Hold his hands during the hair cut (Aiden's palms were all sweaty throughout the hair cut!)
6) Prepare a video to distract him (worked well this time, and he forgot momentarily that he was having a hair cut, and even helped to keep him looking forward instead of turning all around)

Will share more pictures of his new hairstyle soon!
How do you prepare your kid who is afraid of hair cuts? Share your tips too.


  1. Wow I just loved the hair styles of the little angels you have shown in the pictures; I like the different ponytail styles in this blog.


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