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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SEA Aquarium Resorts World Sentosa: So Much To See!

A must visit for families with kids, young kids included!

It was such an awe-inspiring experience for myself, taking in sights of the marine animals in such a beautiful setting, in the comfort of air conditioning (us, pampered creatures). We couldn't stop gushing as we made our way to explore the different marine animals in different habitats. This is the closest you can get besides diving with the sea animals. Perfect for aspiring divers who cannot find the time or courage to do it anymore (that's me! I abandoned diving after the initial dives to qualify for my cert, and never went back to it).

When we told Aiden where we were bringing him a day before, his eyes lit up! He was very happy and excited to be able to see the fishes, sea horses and star fish - and the first thing he did when he woke up the next morning, was reminding us where we were heading. Of course, we can't wait to set off to conquer the sights!
On our way!
Heeding my cousin's advice, we parked near Ocean Restaurant to skip the queue and buy tickets directly. Alas we were told we had to be diners before we can buy tickets and enter through the restaurant. I guess they changed their policy after getting too much traffic this way, disrupting their diners. After trying our luck to get a table, we managed to convince the restaurant to allow us to purchase tickets without dining in and got right into the aquarium without any queuing. You can try this trick at your own risk. Going by the book, you can pre-book a table at Ocean Restaurant (they are apparently fully booked 2 weeks ahead so plan early), enjoy a leisure lunch with a magnificent view of the humongous tank with different species of fishes and manta rays and then buy your tickets through them. Cuts out an hour of waiting time - especially important for families with young children with no patience. Alternatively, you can pre-purchase tickets here, or join the queue at the main entrance at Resorts World Sentosa.

We were taken in by the amazing sight that was right before us, through a ginormous window to an ocean of fishes and other species of marine animals. Aiden was going 'wowww...' whenever a giant manta ray or a school of fish swam past us. We were totally immersed in the marine world.
The enormous window right before us when we walked through Ocean Restaurant
Mesmerized by the sight before him
Look up Aiden!
Wow so many fishes

There were many different habitats to see these fascinating marine animals, here's some from our visit:
Sea urchins

Colors of the marine life
Gorgeous lobster

Star Fish! There is a discovery touch pool to feel some of the sea animals.
Hello there!
Sharks habitat
I'm a baby shark mummy!
Standing side by side
I was so in love with these beautiful sea jelly species
And so was Aiden
A picture with them
We spent over four hours in the aquarium. They close at 7pm so do set off early and begin at lunch time to avoid rushing. There were plenty of dinner choices at Resorts World Sentosa if you don't mind waiting over 30 minutes for a table. Here's our dinner - xiaolongbaos at Ding Tai Fung.
Steam gets in my eye
Am happy this was a great experience for our family, and promotes bonding with our boy whom we miss dearly after all the weeks spent planning and launching PriviKids.

Aiden is wearing the Rocker Star Print Pink T-Shirt from our store PriviKids.


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