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Monday, March 24, 2014

Seen in stores: Whimsical clocks from Modern Moose

Buying the right clock for the house is often an interior design after-thought for the most of us. And that might not be a bad thing, as it is extremely difficult to find clocks in Singapore that are unique, beautifully designed and reasonably priced. I was searching high and low for the perfect clocks that are consistent with the design of our new home a couple of years ago, but the shops then offered choices that were either too common, crazily expensive or just plain ugly. I could still remember my excitement when I finally found these Lemnos clocks at Lifestorey (Great World City, #02-15).

In our living room. Beautifully simple, and comes with a stand which we needed.
In our kitchen. Looks like cookie dough don't you think?
I have been teaching Aiden how to tell the time every now and then (he knows how to tell the "o'clock" positions now) with a toy clock and the Lemnos in the living room. There's no clock in his room though, as we have not come across any that would match his room (or even his personality).

But my heart was sent racing again last week when these whimsical 3D clocks from Modern Moose at Individual Expression (Wheelock Place, #B1-02) caught our eye. Upon closer scrutiny, I was pleasantly surprised to find them very well made in the US and well designed. Just take a look at some of them here!

There are so many designs that would look amazing in his room. I especially love the 3D pendulum clocks! The shark pendulum clock would be perfect in Aiden's room which has baby blue and white stripes. Designed and made in the US by industrial designer Paul Ocepek, these whimsical creations are made from laser cut baltic birch plywood, printed with non-toxic water-based inks and pre-drilled with a hole for easy hanging.

However, the clocks are not exactly cheap, which was why we didn't get one on the spot. 3D clocks are going for $79, whereas the 3D pendulum clocks are going for $89. Listed prices on the US online store at are much lower, but comes up to about the same with shipping charges included.

Which one is your favourite?


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