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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reviewed: BreakOut Games (real life escape experience)

"Who’s free for a game of soccer this Sunday?"


"My hands are so itchy! Mahjong at my place tonight, anybody?"


I guess many of the parents out there can identify with the above conversation, or in the case of the Whatsapp group chat above, the monologue. As much as we cherish our dear friends, there are only that many hours in a day for busy parents juggling family and work. It is even harder to find enough parents who can pry themselves away from their families for anything more than half a day to take part in group activities. Even when we can, we often feel guilty of leaving our other half to tend to our kids, or end up rushing for time and not being able to enjoy ourselves.

More often than not, we end up catching up with friends at birthday parties for kids, weddings and even funerals, instead of cafes, pubs and kopi-tiams like the old times. Sometimes, we wish we could momentarily escape from the real world.

And now we can!

There is a new craze sweeping across the world and it is something that parents can fully and easily enjoy. I am talking about the real life escape game! This refreshing concept has its roots in Japan where virtual games are made real, putting you and your friends into a thematic room where you have to find clues, work together, solve puzzles and escape within a limited time.

Because you usually only need four to eight people and are given only 60 minutes to escape from the room, you can have lots of fun with your friends and get back home in time to your family, with a grin on your face!

While many such shops have sprung up recently, not all of them manage to provide the essence of the real life escape game experience, which is about the excitement, teamwork, challenge and game immersion. There are some rooms out there that lead you to waste your time on puzzles that don’t mean anything, only to be told afterwards that it was ‘supposed to be a decoy’! The most enjoyable rooms require the shop owners to put in a lot of thought and pay insane levels of attention to detail.

And that is why my friends and I enjoyed our time at BreakOut Games over the weekend.

Conveniently located right behind the busstop.
BreakOut Games was conceived by three young owners, who thought they could do better after trying out all the real life escape games in Singapore (and even a few overseas). Newly opened in February 2014 after spending months conceptualising and fine tuning the rooms, the first three games that were rolled out were Forever Young, The Scientist and Magician’s Secret.

If the game rooms sound a tad dramatic, it’s because the rooms are indeed dramatic! We played the Forever Young game room (intermediate difficulty) and boy were there surprises, screams and plenty of excitement! In the end, we managed to escape with about seven minutes remaining. Phew! My friend commented that I was so serious during the game, but I can’t help it! It’s the adrenaline kicking in!

I shall not spoil the fun by describing the rooms in detail but you just have to read the glowing reviews at TripAdvisor to know that it is one of the best real life escape games in Singapore.

Five heads are better than one. We escaped!
Apart from the rooms itself, the friendly staff (my female friends would describe them as hunky and handsome) complements the entire gaming experience. While we waited for the rooms to be ready (we were early for the session), they calmed us down and encouraged us to try out some small puzzles, just to loosen ourselves. They were also very patient in explaining the background story of the rooms and also when we got stuck. Unlike some shops, they dropped hints and gave us room to figure it out instead of simply telling us the answer. It almost feels as if we solved it on our own! :D It’s this attention to detail that sets them apart.

Friendly staff helped us enjoy the game even more.
In fact, the owners mentioned that they also welcome families with children to try the rooms out. They are even willing to make the room less difficult to escape from, just so your family can enjoy themselves. It’s a great way to observe how your kids react to challenges in a team environment.

Go check them out and plan your next escape!

Happy players!

  • Refreshing, challenging, immersive game experience
  • Clean rooms with carpet
  • Friendly staff
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reception/waiting area is small



Off Peak - $19 per pax (Mon – Fri before 5pm)
Peak - $22 per pax (Mon-Fri after 5pm, Sat, Sun and PH)

Opening hours:

Mon - Thur 12 noon to 12 midnight
Fri - Sat 11 am to 1 am
Sun 11 am - 12 midnight


31B Kreta Ayer Road S088998
Opposite Kreta Ayer Community Centre

Nearest MRT station:

Chinatown MRT Exit A and Outram Park MRT Exit H (5 mins walk)

Bus services:

80, 145 (Bus stop no: 05241)


Nearby public carparks and at Oriental Plaza


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