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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ava is 3 months old

In a flash, three months have gone by, and I will be returning to work in a week's time. I am having withdrawal symptoms and stress level has gone up judging from the plunge in milk supply these couple of days. Lack of rest also contributed to impatience and more stress trying to manage my emotions. Constantly reminding myself to take deep breaths, relax and things will fall into place.

Over the past three months, I am glad to have spent quality alone time with Ava, as well as with Aiden and bonded with each of them. Being able to be present when they each achieve their milestones makes me happy, and that's priceless.

Ava is melting hearts at a tender age of three months. When she first smiled at me, I couldn't stop grinning and am really excited for the beginning of more interaction and play time with her.
This is one of her first smiles, not to me but while looking at the cot mobile.
Before I forget this period when she is three months old, these are some of the things I love about her at this stage.

Just chilling out over CNY at a friend's place.
Cuddling her in my arms, humming a tune while I watch her drift off to sleep.

Stealing kisses while she's asleep, when she's awake, while we are playing, I guess all the time whenever I can.

Having her close to me and smelling her comforting baby scent. If only we could bottle this scent, for times when we miss her.

Babies are only so little once, those chubby feet, her small and dainty hands. I am sure I will miss this period as she grows up. 


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