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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Do Art!

Together with his playmate Levine, Aiden signed up for two complimentary trial classes with smARTs Nurture Works.
This is an art class which focuses on process based art to cultivate the child's creativity and confidence. Here's what we like about it:

Non cookie cutter approach
Hearing about the non cookie cutter approach of this class was what caught my interest. It emphasizes on allowing true creativity and expression of ideas to come forth in each child's art piece.

Small group per class
We like it that the classes are kept small (under 6) so each child gets sufficient guidance from the teachers & interaction time.

Variety of art ranges
The kids get their hands on making art using a wide variety of art ranging from drawing with crayons, painting with water color and various handicrafts, clay modelling and canvas painting (for the older ones). We like that they get exposed to age appropriate art techniques and materials. 

Improve fine motor skill, hand-eye coordination 
From holding of a pain brush, to deciding on the colors to use for their art work, all these help hone their fine motor skills as well as build confidence as they engage in decision making.  

Improve attention span and observation skills
The class is an hour, which helps train them to be still for an extended period. Through smelling, touching and doing art with real flowers in the first class, it helped to improve their observation skills and I can see their eyes lit up as they discover new things around them.  

Music & Movement
For a short period before and after the class, the kids get to interact with song & dance, as well as a bubble session at the end. Which kid doesn't like bubbles? Guess this ended off the class nicely and Aiden even said, 'I want to come here tomorrow.'  

Here's what they can improve on:

More guidance from teachers
As one parent has to accompany the kid to the class, we feel that the teachers rely too much on the parents to guide the kids on interacting and doing the craft work in class.

Teachers with more experience with kids
We feel that the teachers were not building a good rapport with the kids and they can probably brush up on this so that they can communicate and interact better with the kids to enhance the learning process.

Incorporate music during the class
We feel that the environment can be more relaxing with soft music playing in the background while the kids were doing their art work. This can inspire the kids as well.

For those of you who are keen, sign up for your two complimentary classes here and have your kids get in touch with their creative side.

smARTS Nurture Works
77/79 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428783
Tel: 64406808


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