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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ahhhh Suckers! The Dreaded Mosquitoes.

These couple of days, where precious sleep is much appreciated before I begin work next week, we have been kept up by the annoying blood suckers.

For three days in a row, Daddy Darren and I woke up abruptly between 4 - 5am to buzzing sounds near our ears & itchy red patches on our skin! We would switch on the bedroom lights, peel open our tired eyes and ran dagger-eye scans on every inch of the room to detect the mosquito before attempting to kill it with one swift clap. Oh well, if we get lucky. Otherwise it would be half an hour to an hour trying to detect the illusive one(s).

It gets more frustrating when this is bothering Aiden and Ava and they do not sleep well. Being sleep deprived already, you feel like banging your head when there is a whining, crying kid who is scratching himself and equally annoyed at the buzzing mosquitoes around him.

I was up at 6am to cries from Aiden's room and saw him scratching his feet. Minutes later I hear buzzing around my ears and when I switched on the lights to see better, there were two big red marks on his face and he woke up crying! After I settled him in my bedroom (hoping there are no mosquitoes there now), I returned to his room determined to exterminate them. I managed to get rid of one mosquito and there was so much blood in this one. Then I saw another flying around. Failing to deal with this other one, I left the room after spraying lots of Shieldtox and shutting the windows and door.

I never killed any insects myself, growing up with the protection from mum & dad. Today, as a mum, I don't hesitate to get my hands dirty getting rid of these pests so all of us get better quality and more sleep!

Please do share if you have effective methods in preventing and killing these pests. I am going shopping today to arm myself better for tonight.


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