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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mummy Be Cool

I have lost my patience a few times this week. All triggered by Aiden. And almost immediately, I felt so bad, I cried. I don't mean to scare or hurt him each time but I lose my cool and scream loudly at him, or make a loud sound to vent my frustration. I thought the best solution now, is for me to walk away and have someone else deal with Aiden but this also mean avoiding the issue and not teaching Aiden well. I will have to try speaking calmly to get my point across and be firmer. Daddy Darren has reminded me to keep my cool so baby will be cool too. This reminded me that I need to be positive and happier in the remaining weeks as I am expecting so baby will be positively influenced too.

When I was expecting Aiden, I remind myself to stay happy and positive despite work stress and anxiety about being new parents. With just Darren and myself staying in our own place, it was quite a breeze taking it easy and taking care of myself. Work stress does get to me, but with Darren's support and soothing, encouraging words, it helped me get over it and move ahead. Colleagues also commented on how happy and positive I was as I laughed a lot. A happy mummy = a happy baby and I definitely prefer that over a sulky baby. Aiden turned out to be a really happy boy and I am glad for that.
A giant popsicle for him, made of ribena goodness.
This time round, with a mischievous toddler who's testing his limits with us, it is way more challenging for me to remember to be cool and positive all the time. Spending the last few days with him, I really cherish the moments we shared - the smile on his face when I presented him with a toy he wanted, the chuckles when we played in the pool and him sharing snippets of his day with me as we lay on bed before turning in.  These little things helped us connect better after spending many weekends apart and a few days while I went on a getaway trip. I will miss this when I get back to busy days at work this month.
Aiden at 30.5 month old
He's still the one I love so dearly, and I want to give him my best and be a cool mum to him. Even with the arrival of his baby sister, I need to remember to assure him of this.


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