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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aiden's first gym experience

Thank you Motherkao for the lovely giveaway of a complimentary trial pass to Gymnademics. We brought Aiden to his first class and he thoroughly enjoyed himself after taking some time to warm up and open up to the teachers.

What we really liked about the Fellow class (for 2 - 3 year olds) is how it is packed with a variety of activities including physical activities (circuit training, fruit relays, trapeze time), musical sessions (song and dance, stories & role playing) and creative time (mystery box segment where the kids learn about dressing for different weather). Both parents can accompany the kid so it is perfect for bonding for both mum and dad. We were slightly late for the class as registration took some time so we missed out on the 'warm up' session 15 minutes before class begins. This was probably why Aiden wasn't warmed up to participate at the beginning but he opened up soon enough and enjoyed himself especially during the physical activities. With so many different activities within an hour, the class is definitely not boring but really enjoyable (and a workout) for both parents and kids.
Stepping into his class
Circuit time - balancing act
Consecutive jumps
I like the flash card materials used to teach the kids about time and weather. They have different themes different weeks so your kid will be exposed to new words and learn something new at every class. Aiden enjoyed the song and dance sessions and I 'revise' what he learnt during the week and find that he recalls most of them.
Paying attention
He did very well during the fruit relay where the kids run in a straight line to transfer fruits & vegetables from one basket to another at the other end. He managed to transfer all 22 pieces! (the most in his class). And I was surprised he was sporting enough to try the trapeze and had fun at it.
Look mum! First attempt at the trapeze!
I highly recommend parents to bring their kids to Gymnademics as it is truly an enjoyable and learning experience for both parent and kid.

Parachute time...
Dressing for the different weather - mystery box segment
Here's Aiden's first attempt at the trapeze:


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