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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's the Dinner & Dance season again!

As the end of the year approaches (already?!), most companies are again holding their annual Dinner & Dance event across the island.  It's funny why the event is called Dinner & Dance - most of the time there is too little dinner (or the ladies don't want to eat too much), and the dance floor doesn't call out to you anymore.  Not when your age and waistline are well in the 30s.  Besides, you don't really want to scare the interns away with your dance moves.  You still want them to respect you when Monday comes.

And then there's the dressing up part.  Dull & Demotivated would summarise my outfits for most years, but a couple of years ago, I had the bad fortune privilege of being arrowed selected to organise the company D&D.  I had no choice but to put in some effort on my outfits then, and I must say that I'm looking forward to dressing up ever since.  Afterall it's one day that we can get away with almost anything (unless you are ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa, see picture below) and it's really a lot of fun!

The theme for the 2011 D&D was Unsung Heroes.  I did my due diligence at the costume shops and realised most people are going for the obvious super heroes look.  I thought every other person would end up wearing red underwear that night, so to stand out, I had to wear the red on my head.

Meet the best dressed unsung hero that night, the Samsui woman - building Singapore since way before independence.

The theme for the 2012 D&D was Once Upon a Time/Fairy Tales.  And this time, I managed to scam convince my friends into dressing up as a group!  To make sure our outfits were unique that night, we had to go for a Chinese fairytale.  Can you tell what we were up to?

Here's where I got my costumes from, and I highly recommend them for the wide range available.  Truly amazing selection.  There are child size costumes available as well!  If you can't find your costume here, you probably can't find it anywhere else!

Hoping that Aiden would get invited to a costume party soon!


  1. Hi, Can I check with you where did you get your samsui women costume?


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