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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Looking forward to the 3rd

At 26 weeks and 4 days today, I am moving on to the 3rd trimester in about a week's time and am really looking forward! Another 11 weeks plus before we see her, and hold her in our arms. I am ticking off my list of 'to buy' for her arrival (and also for Aiden to prepare him for her arrival) and we are in the midst of a makeover for both Aiden's and her room which is exciting to do.

I had a scare earlier this week. Waking up in the middle of the night with severe pain in my upper tummy area and nauseousness. The pain woke me up every hour and the nauseousness eventually caused me to vomit 4 times before I screamed in pain and woke Daddy Darren up. Called my gynae and he advised to go to the hospital immediately to get medication and monitor baby's well being. When we arrived at KK hospital, I was sent to the delivery suite as I was more than 22 weeks pregnant and hooked to a baby monitor to check on baby's heartbeat. I was in pain and threw up again, yet no sign of doctor. The doctor came after 30 minutes of monitoring, scanned baby and to my relief, all is well and baby is doing ok. She is about 700g now and heartbeat is all normal. I was so afraid that the tummy pain and vomiting would affect her. Doctor said it is likely food poisoning and I will need to rest and allow the symptoms to go away after 3-5 days. I was monitored for dehydration & contractions and when the test result was negative and the pain was not due to contractions, I was allowed to go home to rest. I am glad the medication all caused drowsiness and it forces me to get some shut eye and much needed rest. I would otherwise be trying to clear my emails and work.

For the upcoming weeks, I will need to prepare for handover of work, sort & prepare baby's needs for the first four to six months, and spend more quality time with Aiden & Daddy Darren before the baby arrives. I will need to relax more and focus on priorities - the balancing act of a FTWM.

Some pictures of my 2nd trimester:

A short getaway to Bangkok with friends. Will share more in a separate blog post.
Couldn't resist getting these for the baby girl
A rare relaxed morning to myself
At 25 weeks
At 26 weeks - shopping with Aiden
Our family of 3+1 :)


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