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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mummy

It was Mummy Cher's birthday two Saturdays ago.  After stuffing ourselves silly with the buffet spread at Melt - The World Cafe (Mandarin Oriental) the day before, we were looking to celebrate her big 3-0 with Aiden on Saturday with a different theme - less food and more fun.  And what an apt choice we made in deciding on the EatPlayLove Craft Cafe.  We read that the place offers food, crafting fun for kids in a laid back setting.  Sounds perfect for a lazy/hazy Saturday so to 28 Aliwal Street we went!

EatPlayLove Craft Cafe is nestled among the shophouses along Aliwal Street, near Haji Lane.  The bohemian vibe of the better known street can be felt in the Aliwal Arts Centre as well where the cafe is located.  There is a public carpark right opposite the cafe but finding available lots could be difficult.  Alternatively, you may want to park at the Sultan Plaza along Jalan Sultan.

First impressions of the cafe were very good.  The Tiffany blue walls, the quirky posters, the well stocked crafting corners and the upcycled tables made from wooden crates inspire you to take it easy and embrace your creative side.

As liberated as we felt, we experienced the cafe in the same order as its name - Eat first, then play, then love.


We were surprised to find that the prices of the food were very affordable at around $10 for mains.  There were many Thai dishes on the menu, but since we just had Thai food recently, we opt for the western options.  Grilled fish for me and chicken chop for Mummy Cher.  We also ordered a small Milo flavoured MommaHero (from local brand The Tiramisu Hero) while we waited for the mains to arrive.

While the MommaHero was moist and flavourful, the grilled fish and chicken chop were a disappointment.  I think your regular kopitiam would serve better tasting western food than the cafe.  Perhaps the Thai dishes would be much better.  We did observe that most patrons ordered the rice/Asian dishes.


The biggest selling point of the cafe is the two crafting corners where you can have some fun with your kids.  You are free to use all the materials there!  One looks smaller than the other but the staff told us that both corners are equally stocked in terms of variety.  So I guess you should just go to the corner with fewer people to avoid fighting with other kids haha.  It costs $5 for 2 hours of play time on weekdays.  On weekends and public holidays, it costs $7.50 for 1 hour or $10 for 2 hours.  Additional hours at chargeable at $5.  Unless you are planning to create something that would put Martha Stewart to shame, 2 hours would be the maximum time that you need.

All I wanted to create with Aiden was a birthday card for Mummy Cher, so I paid for 1 hour of crafting time and got down to it straightaway.

It was my first time doing art and craft with Aiden and I enjoyed myself very much.  I know that he does some crafting in school (they return to us all his creations at the end of each month), but frankly, I'm not sure whether it was the teachers that do all the work.  In the end, it was a wonderful experience for me as much as it was for Aiden!

On the piece of A4 paper, I marked out the areas where the garden, the tree, the sun and the sky would be in pencil.  Told Aiden about the plan and I must say we make a great team!  He picks the pieces that he wanted to paste, I helped him put the glue on it and he would paste it on the paper.  I must say he understood my concept very well, other than his very bold interpretation of how the sun should look like.


It was $7.50 well spent, as Mummy Cher loved our creation!  We ended the day at my in-law's place with a cake and candles.  All very important as Aiden had been looking forward to eating his chocolate cake, blowing the candles and singing the birthday song to Mummy Cher ever since we told him Mummy's birthday is coming.  He says Mummy is 3 years old.

It is usually the simplest celebration that warms the heart.

Aiden is wearing the Tie Die T-Shirt with Vest from our store PriviKids.


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