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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mummy's boy, Daddy's girl?

Are two year old toddlers necessarily closer to mummy? Or are boys generally closer to mummy and girls closer to daddy?

Since he was a baby, Aiden is more clingy to me on most days.

Now at 29 month old, he wants my company when he plays with his toy trains, building Lego, fix jigsaw puzzles and read storybooks. I have to admit I really enjoy alone time with him but sometimes I just need some time to myself or to catch up a little on rest and he starts throwing tantrums or can't last a few minutes playing independently.

Barney fever
Both Daddy Darren and me discipline him and Aiden is more fearful of Daddy's scolding than mine. Sometimes he can't get over Daddy's scoldings and says he is scared of Daddy or that he doesn't want Daddy to accompany him. This really breaks  Daddy's heart. At times I really need a breather, to use the toilet, to have a quick shower and he refuses to spend some time alone with Daddy. What could we have done to make this more balanced or even for him to stick more to his dad?

With us expecting a baby this Dec, I do hope to intentionally have Daddy and baby bond more so that I can spend more time with Aiden and to seek a balance as well.

Do share your thoughts and tips on this!

At Aiden's second birthday dinner


  1. I think regardless of gender, they r all clingy to the main caregiver. my daughter is a koala n recently her favourite word is "scared" .. At home she may say things like "scared papa" n I end up having to carry her. need that breather too yet can't bear to c her wail. n hmmm thought theywouldget more independent asthey grow up? Aiden still needs you to sit at games? oh boy... I thought my baby will learn to play alone soon.. looks lk there is still a long way (love it though). btw one tip is since young to expose the lil bub to various ppl.. my daughter is fine with the family n even at school she's oblivious to my presence coz there r friends n toyz.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Janice :) your daughter says 'scared papa' too?
      Its better now for Aiden but usually after a bout of serious scolding from daddy he'd be fearful for awhile.
      Yes we do exposé him to other people like our families but probably having more sessions of play dates with kids around his age would help with the part about getting along harmoniously and the concept of sharing.


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