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Thursday, July 25, 2013

And it's a Girl!

Ever since finding out I was pregnant again after a bad episode last Nov, I was elated. But also got more 'pantang' and decided to keep this under wraps until the second trimester at least. With me really busy at work, I also sort of cruised through the first trimester amidst the heightened nauseousness, food cravings, sensitivity to smells, giddiness, drowsiness and extreme fatigue.

After seeing our gynae at week 18, and him telling us that he sees a white spot between the legs so it is likely to be a boy, I did not have high hopes of having a girl.

We went for the detailed scan today at almost 20 weeks and I was really happy to see that baby is growing well. And another piece of good news is that we are having a baby girl! As much as I love boys, it is a nice balance to have a boy and a girl and I am thrilled to have a mini me and being able to dress her up and have her model for us! I've got to stop myself from shopping for a baby girl, but I have already started to do so in our own store.

So how different is this pregnancy vs. when I was expecting Aiden?

#1: I can afford to be more selfish and self centered when I was expecting Aiden as we did not have a child to care for then. Even now, I am lucky to have my parents helping out with Aiden so I can get sufficient rest (though this is very often spent catching up on work). 

#2: Tummy showed up earlier when I was about 3 months. And colleagues have commented how my tummy appears to be rounder this time. I am also heavier to begin with for this pregnancy.

#3: Bloatedness began earlier in my feet (got to get new shoes for work), my fingers (could not put on the wedding band now), face, oh well, everywhere and as early as 15 weeks! 

Generally, I felt that symptoms were pretty similar for me.

#1: Always feeling nauseous especially on taxi rides where the driver seemed to drive like a drunkard, but never puked.

#2: Very often having blocked nose, flu & cough.

#3: Extreme fatigue. I have dropped my iPhone on my face while surfing as I dozed off in bed!

#4: No serious cravings, seriously. 

At the mid-point of this pregnancy, I've got to remind myself to be happy and relax more. It helps to have the understanding of Daddy Darren as he accompanies Aiden while I get some shut eye, and does most of the housework. I really enjoy spending time alone with him and will work towards having more regular just the two of us dates. With our family of 4 come December, I am sure it wouldn't be easy to cope but I am looking forward nonetheless!


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