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Saturday, June 29, 2013

We're Going To The Zoo!

'We're going to the zoo!' This never fail to put a wide smile on Aiden's face and I enjoy seeing him light up with excitement when he is happy. So off to the zoo we went!
Yay! Happy dance
Driving to the zoo! Vroom vroom
Let's go!
This is Aiden's 3rd time to the zoo and I like how he has grown each time and enjoys the visit a different way. He is at a stage now where he is camera shy, and always hides away when we pull out our cams for a quick shot. It's a pity as we enjoy capturing moments of him.
Shying away from the camera
Dancing to his own happy tune
Hand in hand with daddy. I think they have the same strut
Love this shot with Ah Meng
Aiden observes and imitates very well at 27 month old. He is intrigued at the lion feeding and enjoys mimicking them at home with his mouth wide open when we feed him.
Lions! Rwaarrr!
This boy can be really timid at times and we try to encourage him to experience feeding the goats and I'm glad he did!

He broke down though when we brought him for the pony ride. We were not even near the ponies and only stood aside to watch the other kids take turn to ride, and he was scared and started sobbing. Daddy even tried to take him on his shoulders to mimic how the ride would be but couldn't coax Aiden to go for it. He was excited about this when I asked him to select the activities he would like to do at the zoo before we set off!

This visit, we spent time at the water play area at the Rainforest Kidzworld before the Animal Friends show. Aiden enjoyed himself very much and went for the water slide several times. I'm glad my boy mustered up courage to go for it on his own. He is pretty cautious and hesitates usually.

When it's time to leave the water play, he kicked up a fuss and refuses to change, screaming, struggling and crying. A behavior that we wished he didn't have and I try coaxing him first and have to resort to forcefully dry and change him quickly. When we settled down to grab some snacks, he got mischievous and  refused to sit at the table with me while daddy went to order. Instead he went alone to play with the door at the entrance. He screamed and threw tantrums again when we tried guiding him how to hold the cup to prevent spillage, with so many 'concerned' eyes on us. It's so challenging having to calm him down and correct his behavior at the same time. It was embarrassing for us as well.
Enjoyed himself at the Animal Friends Show
I enjoy watching Aiden interacting gently with the dogs
Mr Cheeky
We headed to the Splash Safari Show after this, and it was really enjoyable for both myself and Daddy Darren. The sea lion was such a performer, showing off his skills and is super humorous.

It must have been a tiring day out for Aiden who dozed off in the car on the way home.

Aiden is wearing the Star Print T-Shirt from our store PriviKids.


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