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Monday, June 3, 2013

[Daddy Matters Father's Day Special] Dear Daddy

For Father's Day, the Daddy Matters Group posted a writing challenge for us to imagine what our kids might really say to us if they were to write a letter to their father. This is what I imagine Aiden might say.

Dear Daddy,

You've always encouraged me to speak the truth, for example, when you see spilled milk on the floor, or when you find Lego bricks hidden in the weirdest places, or after you smell something pungent and you suspect I just farted.  On the last one, I sometimes suspect you were the one who farted instead and was asking loudly to divert attention away from yourself.

So anyway, I am going to tell you three hard truths.  Be brave, daddy dearest.


Whenever I do something unacceptable, you would often bring me to the side to talk about my misbehaviour and explain why I should correct it.  I would resist and disagree (by shaking my head or shouting) initially, but eventually, I would tell you that I understand and apologise.  

The truth is, alot of times I don't really understand/agree as I am only 27 months old.  For example, I reckon it's perfectly fine to use brute force to snatch a toy from another child since I don't know how to ask?  I nod my head and say sorry to you because I don't want you to be angry with me.  Please, don't be too harsh on me the next time and do remember to give me a hug at the end of the counseling ok?


The second thing is, you often tell mummy and ah ma that they should insist on a sleeping routine for me, so that I will get the amount of sleep I need at my age.  More importantly, it will also allow everyone to have a good night's sleep.  I know that my random waking hours would probably cause the Swiss or Japanese to gyrate due to shock and then spontaneously combust.  Sometimes, I might wake up 7am New Zealand time (3am Singapore).  Other times, I might choose to sleep at 10pm London time (3pm Singapore).

The truth is, I can't get into a regular sleeping routine because you come back from work at irregular hours.  I really want to see and play with you every day if possible, but mummy never tells me exactly when you will be getting off work.  And so, I would not go to sleep until you are back, even when I'm so tired after a long day in school.  Over time, my body clock is unable to settle into any form of routine.  I know that you look forward to seeing/playing with me at the end of the day, so help me help you, by coming back home earlier if possible!


Lastly, whenever you get into unpleasant traffic situations or when you are unlucky enough to cross path with a bad or inconsiderate driver, you have the urge to put pedal to the metal and transform into Michael Schumacher.  I've been told that if our car came with a flux capacitor, we would have been time travelling by now.  Anyway, I would react to the sudden acceleration by letting out a laughter that goes "Heh. Heh.".  You seem to think that I enjoy fast cars the same way that you do.  Same genes, you would tell mummy (whom by now has sweat all over her palms).

The truth is, I am wetting my diapers whenever you floor the pedal.  Please, take control of your emotions and don't let it grow into road rage.  Remember that you are carrying precious cargo (i.e. mummy and me) the next time some koo koo swerves into your lane without checking/signalling!

Happy Father's Day!



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