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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nothing easy about ABCs

These three alphabets sum up this weekend.  Unfortunately, there is nothing cheerful or upbeat about ABC (like Michael Jackson's song) when it stands for Ailments, Barney and Crying.

After two intensive work weeks, with a few nights working past midnight, I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with Aiden this weekend.  But things got off on a bad foot with me catching a bad bout of flu. Still on antibiotics and feeling weak.  Another long week is ahead but I don't feel rested at all, but I guess that's the life as working parents - the weekend is not for resting but for making up to the kids.

Anyway, we had promised Aiden that we would bring him to City Square Mall to catch the Barney & Friends Show.  So after seeing the doctor on Saturday afternoon, we rushed down to the mall to catch the 4pm show.  As we approached the carpark entrance of the mall, it was clear that the whole of Singapore were attending either the PC Show or the Barney & Friends Show.  Ironic how the self-proclaimed "First Eco-mall of Singapore" made unsuspecting motorists enter the car park when there isn't enough car park spaces.  After circling the equivalent distance of the Earth's circumference and contributing quite a bit of car exhaust fumes to the atmosphere, I finally made my way to the show area to watch Barney & Friends lipsync with Aiden and Mummy Cher.  It was only a 15 minute song and dance (can't believe many waited almost two hours for this show) but Aiden enjoyed it thoroughly.  Job done!

On Sunday however, it was crying that took center stage.  Aiden cried when he refused to put on his t-shirt, cried again when he refused to keep his toys, cried again when he insisted on being carried by Mummy Cher, and cried again when I offered to carry him.  Perhaps it was my weakened body, but my patience was really being tested today when he broke down in public.  What has happened to our sweet, understanding and obedient boy?  Is there no way to avoid the terrible curse of the "terrible two"?  I have to think about how to build his resilience to not having things his way.  Just like how he can brush it off each time he falls, perhaps the only way to stop the breakdowns is to let him breakdown all he wants until he realises that all the crying is not going to solve anything?

I've never told Aiden this before but it hurts inside to see him cry.  Both of us must be brave.


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