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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Weekend!

Kids remind us to slow down and appreciate the smaller, simpler things in life. We usually wouldn't think much about driving to a car wash, but this evening, we brought Aiden along and he enjoyed his virgin car wash experience. His laughter brought smiles to our faces despite a very tiring week and a weekend that's too short.

It was a very long day for me as this boy woke up at 6AM, on a SUNDAY! One of those things I really miss since being mummy is sleeping in on weekends.
Aiden: Mumeeeeeee.....
Me: Hello Aiden, can we sleep some more? It is still very dark outside, let's wake up when it's brighter
Aiden: Started mumbling to himself and asked me to read him some books
Me: *passes him a few books' You should be able to read these yourself dear
Aiden: Mummy read book
Me: I am very tired... maybe you can watch some videos first? *pulls out ipad and plays him a video

I am guilty of shoving the ipad to him nowadays when I need to catch some sleep. I hope he doesn't get addicted too soon.

We went to the playground and swimming pool after breakfast - see how relaxed he is in the Night Owl T-shirt from our store - indoors, outdoor, dry and wet! Perfect for the active toddler.
Am happy this boy is exhausted after six whole hours of play and konked out at 12 noon. Finally a nap for both myself and him to recharge!

As much as I am so tired, I am so glad to have spent quality time with him over the weekend and can't wait for the next.


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