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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bridal games that Singapore grooms play

Reading this Straits Times article on the bridal games that Singapore grooms play got me thinking about the tradition and my own experience more than 4 years ago.

As much as I think that bridal games/gate-crashing are necessary, customary, and generally memorable, there is a part of me that resists it.  Perhaps it is due to the many things that I don't eat - vegetables, durian, oysters, raw chilli, and have I mentioned vegetables?  Or perhaps I don't like sweating buckets on my wedding day.  Or perhaps I just don't think the games are particularly interesting.  Seriously, how many times have you viewed gate crashing videos that feature variations of eating sour-sweet-bitter-spicy foods, singing love songs, hair removal, wearing underwear outside, swaying bananas, and dancing to the most popular tune of the moment?  I think this tradition contributed significantly to the number of hits on the Gangnam Style music video on Youtube in 2012. :D

Anyway, preparation for my gate crashing started way in advance.  It began with me laying down the rules for Cheryl and her bridesmaids - no sweating, no durians, no vegetables, no degrading games that might affect how my children see me when they chance upon our wedding video.  It continued with some reverse psychology - me taking every opportunity in the 6 months leading up to the wedding to remind the bridesmaids that I HATE eating FRIED CHICKEN WINGS if they are thinking about making me eat something gross during gate crashing.  It ended with me warning them that I will simply leave and wait downstairs for Cheryl to come out if they go overboard.

In the end, the games were fun, meaningful, relaxing and brought so much laughter to everyone.  Here's how we did it!

Bridesmaids posing with the props.

They are ready (to feed me with fried chicken wings I hope).
With DUFC - Darren United Football Club. 5 top players, a referee and the manager in white suit!
MCs on hand in case we need to call in sick on any gate crashing game.
Our wedding date - 11.01.09!
Beep beep beeeeeep! Making a din with our whistles as we enter the playing field.
We had to fill in the lyrics of songs that Cheryl loves to sing.
Charades now. Had to guess significant milestones in our lives.
Balancing the ball between specific body parts based on the cards we picked.
A warm up dance routine.
Then things went a bit wild with wigs around.
Tongues were wagging.
Supposed to be 10 things but I deliberately used very large fonts.
I think this is called hip-hop. I'm just glad my shoe didn't end up in someone's mouth.
Trying to create an acapella on the spot. Bom ba bom ba ba!
I thought they deserved at least a yellow for wanting more money so late into the gatecrashing.
Gate crashing big wigs with medals.
Peeeet! Extra time now. Referee gives the go-ahead to score the free kick and see my bride!
What usually happens when football is on the telly.
Locking horns.
She shoots!
Job done! Finally got to rest for the wedding dinner.
For the record, I did not get to eat any fried chicken wings during the gate crashing.  We were instead served with thirst quenching packet drinks. :D


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