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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcoming the year of the water snake


I don't remember a Chinese New Year that was this wet!  It really is the year of the water snake.  With rain pouring down everyday without fail (more predictable than the next arriving MRT train?) over the super long weekend, it has definitely, pun intended, dampened the high spirits that we had as we left work last Friday.  Flash floods (or ponding according to a not very popular alternative definition) were a daily sight.  We even saw a Citycab taxi ending up in a ditch at the entrance to PIE on Saturday.  Luckily no one was injured.

I'm just glad that I was too busy/tired/lazy to wash and wax my car for the Chinese New Year.  It would have been a tremendous waste of time, although it would have negated the effects of eating one too many pineapple tarts (slightly).  As I drove the car out of the carpark and into the perfect storm, I sniggered at the impeccably maintained paintwork of my neighbors' cars (but soon to be looking like mine).

Aiden on the way to my brother's place to 拜年.
Ahhh, our first world problems.  We are a privileged bunch of people.

So how did Aiden deal with the gloomy weather?  With a pair of boots of course!  It's the perfect way to look different and quickly glam up a simple looking outfit.  And, during the year of the water snake, it's the most functional piece to have in your kid's wardrobe.  Get a pair today and keep those happy feet dry!


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