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Thursday, February 21, 2013

PSLE Maths question?

Saw this on Facebook and the closet math geek in me was bursting out from within to attempt to solve it as I sat on my toilet trying to take a dump. Er hmm...

Anyway, after 10 minutes of pushing (my brain to the limit), it was out. My answer that is. 1/9/1970. Let me know if I'm wrong. The thing is, how is that a math question? The only way I knew how to solve it was through logic and plenty of talking out loud to myself. The E-Maths, A-Maths, JC Math and Bachelor of Accountancy didn't help one bit.

If this was really a PSLE question (never mind the bad English/grammar), I worry for poor Aiden.  What happened to the good old "Ah Seng has 10 apples more than Ah Lian who has twice as many apples as Ah Huay who has 5 apples" type of question?

I think this is either proof of the evolution of human intelligence or a very good marketing campaign for PSLE tuition centers.


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