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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden!

And so, Aiden turned 2 last Wednesday.  Our little Valentino was privileged enough to have not one but two birthday celebrations this year!  The first was on his actual birthday in school and the second was three days later at Long Beach East Coast Parkway with close relatives.

We joined Aiden in school in the afternoon after picking up the cake from Tampines.  After arranging the tables and chairs and treats for the kids, the teacher brought Aiden and the other children to the eating area.
Aiden chose this cake.
Goodie bags with toys, stationery and snacks.

How pampered are kids nowadays!  Goodie bags were mandatory (says the Principal) and the teacher was slightly surprised that we took no time at all to set up the party.  Do other kids usually have elaborate (read: expensive) set ups for their birthdays?  I was told some even specially print backdrops so that pictures would look nicer.  太夸张了吧?In the end Aiden and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves so I think it was money well (un)spent. :D

Their expressions are priceless!
Drinking his favourite Yakult.
Not easy to get cheeky Aiden to smile this way.
Playgroup and Nursery celebrating together.
Happy and excited to distribute goodie bags to everyone.
Smiled like this because he knew I would buy him presents later.

With the heavy rain still unrelenting these few days, we were lucky that it stopped briefly when we arrived at Long Beach for seafood dinner.  We (i.e. Cheryl and me) have been craving for seafood for some time and Aiden's birthday was the perfect occasion excuse to do so!

The happiest person at the table (and rightly so) was Aiden, with big balloons, candles to blow out, cake to cut, presents to unwrap and people to bully (he loves beating Jasmine, one of his favourite aunts).

The rest of us were thoroughly entertained by Aiden's antics, although the food was not as good as Jumbo (where we usually go to).  Kids really give as much as they take.

I'm glad Aiden is growing well and is a happy kid.  Happy Birthday my dear son!


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