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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surviving (Pre) School

What is the ideal age to send your kid to pre school? We decided to start Aiden when he is 23 months, mainly for him to gain experience interacting with kids his age, and to be exposed to classroom style teaching/ learning.

It's over a month Aiden started school and he has not stopped crying in the mornings when we send him to school. It is heartbreaking to see him so sad to part with us, yet we got to learn to toughen up and walk away. It's especially saddening as he was mostly a happy kid, and with school, he cried so many more buckets of tears. He was also little mr bump in school, falling and tripping thus the many ulcers he got on his lips and a rather serious cut in his ear (we were told he fell from a chair when getting out of his seat) within the first month in school that worried us. And recently, he came home with scratch marks on his arms and leg some of which looks like pinch marks to me.

Needless to say, he is happiest at the end of school. This really sets me thinking if kids are sent to school too early these days.

Nowadays, Aiden speaks up more, starts counting aloud and say things when we least expect him to, even linking a few words, 'Daddy park car', 'Mummy feed Aiden', 'Man sit car'. I was really tempted to pull him out from school after he expressed anger and extreme sadness towards Darren and me when we see him after school. It got so bad he cried and screamed uncontrollably, even chasing the both of us out of my parents place when we went over after work. But seeing him progress and being more independent now, I think it is mostly beneficial for him.

He also made some handicrafts in school and this is one of his first works. Let's hope he gets used to going to school soon, and remain the happy boy he is.


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